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    Virginia Small Business Financing Authority (VSBFA)

    This webinar was held on November 20, 2013.

    The Virginia Small Business Financing Authority (VSBFA) is the Commonwealth's small business financing arm.  This Third Wednesday Webinar will introduce VSBFA and will describe how VSBFA helps both new and existing businesses leverage tremendous financial resources.  Although VSBFA does not offer grants, it adds value and helps to lower risk by helping Virginia's financial institutions offer business loans that they might not be able to offer without assistance. 

    Featured Speaker:

    Scott Parsons, Executive Director, Virginia Small Business Financing Authority

    Join us for this FREE webinar in which we will discuss VSBFA programs. Scott will include an overview of several financial programs in the VSBFA portfolio that are designed to serve economic development objectives.  You will hear about which programs are best suited to serve small businesses in Virginia for job creation, new equipment purchases, or working capital.  Scott will also provide a couple of examples that reveal how VSBFA's financial programs have made a difference; resulting in new jobs and capital investment. 

    Attendees will learn:

    • How can the Virginia Small Business Financing Authority assist new and existing businesses in Virginia?

    • What financial programs are in place that can help companies secure working capital, buy new equipment, or create jobs?

    • What are the eligibility thresholds that a company must meet in order to qualify for financial assistance?

    • How does VSBFA help lower a bank's risk?

    • How can local economic developers help existing businesses and industries find out more?

    A recording of this session is available here. If you experience problems with the recording, you may want to try using the VLC media player instead of Windows Media Player. The VLC media player can be downloaded here.

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