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    Virginia Port Authority - Port Incentives and Foreign Trade Zones

    The first webinar in our 2014 Third Wednesday Webinar series took place on January 15, 2014 at 2:00 p.m.

    Our featured speakers will share some background about the Virginia Port Authority’s (VPA) tremendous set of resources that enable the Commonwealth to be a leader in global logistics and will discuss VPA’s performance statistics for 2013. They will then provide an overview of a few valuable programs which are designed to stimulate international trade. You will hear about how the Virginia Port Authority administers three port incentive programs including the Port Volume Increase Tax Credit, the Barge & Rail Usage Tax Credit, and the International Trade Facility Tax Credit. You will also hear about Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) in Virginia and how companies can leverage the benefits of an FTZ.

    Featured speakers include:

    Stephanie Allman, Economic Development Manager, Port Incentives Administrator, Virginia Port Authority

    Laura Godbolt, Development and Foreign Trade Specialist, Virginia Port Authority

    Attendees will learn:

    • How is the Virginia Port Authority organized and how does VPA serve business and industry throughout the Commonwealth?

    • What port incentive programs are available and who is eligible to apply?

    • How can the port incentive programs benefit Virginia companies?

    • What is a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and what are the benefits of an FTZ?

    • How is the Virginia Port Authority involved in Foreign Trade Zones?

    • Where are the Foreign Trade Zones in Virginia?

    • How can a new FTZ be established? Or, how can I help an industry tap into the FTZ?

    • A recording of this session is available here.

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