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    Virginia's Jobs Investment Program (VJIP): Update 2015

    The first webinar in our 2015 series was held on January 21, 2015.

    The webinar is designed to inform you about the Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP). You will learn how the administration of the VJIP program has transitioned to the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and how the program is designed to serve both existing and new businesses and industries. You will hear how VJIP provides a menu of services that can be customized to assist companies in accomplishing their recruitment and training goals and objectives. You will learn how a VJIP incentive package can be structured to serve companies creating new jobs by expanding in Virginia or are new to Virginia.

    The Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP) is considered to be one of the oldest incentive programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is consistently recognized to be among the best performing incentive programs in the nation for workforce development; and, with an average Return-on-Investment (ROI) of only three months, VJIP has proven time and again to be a program that is a good investment of taxpayer dollars.

    Featured Speakers:

    Frank Strickler, Senior Manager, Business Expansion, Virginia Economic Development Partnership

    Attendees will learn:

    • How the Virginia Economic Development Partnership is organized to administrate the Virginia Jobs Investment Program (VJIP).

    • What the VJIP program is about and what types of projects can be served?

    • What are the eligibility thresholds (jobs and capital investment minimums) for Virginia‚Äôs businesses and industries to participate in the VJIP program, and how does a company apply?

    • What are some best practices to most effectively leverage the VJIP incentive program to serve businesses and industries.

    A recording of this session is available here. A transcript of this session is available here.

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