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    Best Practices for Recruiting Veterans in Virginia: Making Virginia Vet Strong

    The third webinar in our 2014 series took place on Wednesday, March 19, 2014.

    One of Virginia's most valuable assets is its labor force.  Comparatively, Virginia's workforce is well educated, highly skilled, agile, healthy, and affordable.  Managers of businesses and industries across the Commonwealth often share their stories about how efficient and effective Virginia workers are.  Company managers in Virginia often report that turnover is lower and productivity is higher than it is at sister operations in other states or in other countries.  Yet company hiring managers also express concerns about what appears to be a limited or a shrinking labor pool.  Some wonder if they will be able to find qualified workers with the needed skill sets and the work ethic to replace jobs vacated by retirees or to fill positions as new production lines are added.

    This webinar will draw your attention to one of America's finest pool of workers - our veterans - and will discuss how veterans represent a powerful, ready-made human resource whose skills, talents, and abilities can be repurposed to serve today's companies.  You will hear how companies can revamp their workforce by implementing best practices and processes to become veteran friendly; often through small but meaningful adjustments in approaches to recruiting, hiring, training and retaining.  You will learn what steps can be taken to intentionally create a culture that becomes Veteran Strong.

    Featured speaker:

    Tom Barto, Program Manager, TMG, Inc.

    Attendees will learn:

    • Who is a veteran and how many veterans are unemployed in Virginia?

    • What qualifications do veterans have than can serve existing business and industry?

    • What are some typical recruitment practices?

    • What does it mean to be "veteran friendly?"

    • How can companies create a workplace culture that is "Vet Strong?"

    • How can companies modify their recruiting techniques to reach qualified veterans?

    • What skill sets do companies require and where can they find qualified candidates?

    • Where can economic developers and companies go to find additional resources?

    • A recording of this session is available here. A transcript of this session is available here.

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