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    International Trade - Export Virginia

    This webinar took place on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.

    The world marketplace can be intimidating to some companies which have traditionally served only domestic customers. Yet, we live in a global economic system where there is an exchange of goods and services to help satisfy the needs and wants of people everywhere.  Virginia companies can grow their businesses by reaching new markets.

    This webinar is designed to inform you about how Virginia business and industry can grow and expand by going international through exporting goods and services.  Attendees will learn about services and resources available to Virginia firms to enable them to navigate the international marketplace and become an exporter. You will hear about how Virginia’s companies can enter foreign markets and grow internationally.  Listeners will also have an opportunity to hear what Virginia is doing to help defense industries reach new markets to counteract the impact of sequestration.

    Featured speakers include:

    Pasha Picture

    Paul Grossman, Director, International Trade, Virginia Economic Development Partnership

    Charles Green, Marketing Director, Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

    Attendees will learn:

    • How well Virginia and its businesses are positioned to compete internationally.

    • Which countries are Virginia’s top export markets and what is the outlook for international trade opportunities.

    • What Virginia is doing to help mitigate the impact of sequestration and how Virginia’s defense industries can "go international."

    • How Virginia's economic developers can help their existing businesses and industries reach international markets.
      Clue: T-R-A-D-E.

    • How trade relations can help improve Virginia’s ability to attract foreign investment.

    • What programs and services are available that can help companies who are “new to export” as well as those that are already significant experienced exporters.

    • What incentives are available to Virginia companies that move their goods through Virginia's ports.

    • Invitations are directed to members of VEDA and selected economic development allies and partners of the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you or someone you know may be interested in registering for this upcoming seminar titled "International Trade – Export Virginia," please notify . Thank you!

    A recording of this session is available by clicking here. If you experience problems with the recording, you may want to try using the VLC media player instead of Windows Media Player. The VLC media player can be downloaded here.

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