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    Tourism in Virginia: How Tourism contributes to Economic Development

    The fourth webinar in our 2014 series took place on Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

    Tourism is one of the largest contributors to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s economic well-being, generating more than $21 billion in visitor spending, supporting more than 210,000 jobs, and contributing over $1.36 billion in state and local taxes. Tourism is also highly competitive. Travelers have a myriad of interests and have countless options globally to invest their time and money. This webinar is designed to inform you about how Virginia can continue to maintain its market share for the tourist dollar, while at the same time nurturing tourism products that serve the needs and wants of its visitors.

    You will hear about how the Virginia Tourism Corporation (VTC) is working to market the Commonwealth. You will learn how VTC and partners are positioning Virginia as a travel destination; a place to live, work and play. During the webinar, VTC will outline a number of programs designed not only to help communities think regionally and collaboratively to develop marketing and product development plans, but also to help communities implement those plans.

    Featured speakers:

    Steve Galyean, Director of Development, Virginia Tourism Corporation

    Wirt Confroy, Director of Partnerships and Outreach Partnership Marketing, Virginia Tourism Corporation

    Paige Read, Education and Development Manager, Virginia Tourism Corporation

    Attendees will learn:

    • Who is the Virginia Tourism Corporation and what is VTC’s role?

    • How is tourism part of an economic development strategy?

    • How can Virginia’s tourism sector and our communities better compete in today’s economy?

    • What can local economic developers and community leaders do to ensure high consumer and business traffic to their region and to Virginia?

    • What programs and resources are available to help communities take initiatives to strengthen tourism in Virginia?

    • A recording of this session is available here.

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