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    iVS/VirginiaScan Online Update Center

    The iVS/VirginiaScan Online Update Center was created to give localities and regions the ability to update their properties and community profiles online. Click here to login to iVS. Please contact if you need a user account. Click here to view the user manual.

    With the Properties feature, you can update your site and building data online. Users can add or edit sites and buildings data, upload supporting documentation and photos and print reports. Users only have access to the site and building information for their specific locality or region.

    Community Demographic Profiles
    With the Community Profiles feature, you can update 11 of the 23 data categories in VEDP's demographic profile for your locality. The updatable categories include location, major employers, utilities (electric, gas, telecommunications, water, sewer and solid waste disposal), government, community facilities and lifestyle. The remaining 12 categories are updated by VEDP staff according to specific sources. For additional information on this application, please contact . Click here to view the community profiles.

    Local Return on Investment Model
    The Local ROI is an easy-to-use local fiscal impact tool for evaluating economic development projects. The model relies on effective tax rates for for real and tangible personal property, machinery and tools taxes and local sales taxes. Multiplier effects, estimated using IMPLAN employment multipliers, are used to predict labor market responses. For additional information on this application, please contact . Click here for more information.

    Compare Virginia

    The Compare Virginia database utilizes the latest in interactive web-based technology, allowing you to easily conduct side-by-side comparisons of Virginia against the other 49 states, the District of Columbia and the United States on a variety of economic statistics.  The statistics are divided into seven categories:  Education, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Workforce, Cost of Doing Business, Income and Output, Fiscal Strength and Foreign Direct Investment.  Each category contains a subset of detailed statistics.

    The application also includes a Compare MSAs feature that enables you to compare Virginia's metropolitan areas against other metropolitan areas across the United States.  Our database includes a broad range of demographic and economic statistics for the more than 360 U.S. metropolitan statistical areas.  Among the many statistics are population, labor force, employment growth, unemployment rates, GDP and union membership.

    Virginia Localities Database

    The Virginia Localities Database provides a host of useful facts and figures for each county, city and MSA in Virginia as well as statewide averages.


    REsolution is a regional employment solution tool for use by economic development and workforce professionals. This interactive application allows you to explore the connection between industries and occupations within the Commonwealth as well as nationally. In addition, there is detailed information on individual occupations, including available education/training resources within a region.

    Virginia Announcements Database

    The Announcements Database tracks direct investments and new jobs created in Virginia as a result of the announced plans of new or expanding companies. VEDP relies on its local and regional economic development allies to correct errors listed in announcements and provide information on additional announcements. Click here to access the database. Please contact to submit an announcement or correct an existing announcement.

    Virginia Closings Database

    The Closings Database tracks employment reductions and business closings in Virginia. The data is based on announcements of planned reductions and/or closings in Virginia by basic companies (manufacturers and nonmanufacturers with a substantial customer base outside the state). Click here to access the database. Please contact for more information.

    Underemployment data and methodology

    Each quarter, VEDP produces estimates of underemployment based on a methodology developed in the Research Division using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Click here to view the regional statistics.

    Composite Fiscal Stress Index Scores, Rank Scores & Classifications

    The measurement of fiscal stress taps jurisdictional measures denoting the level of revenue capacity per capita during a specified fiscal period, the degree of revenue effort over the same time span and the magnitude of median adjusted gross income for individuals and married couples in the pertinent calendar year. Click here to access the Composite Fiscal Stress Index.

    University-Based Economic Development

    Virginia’s University-Based Economic Development (UBED) group provides a point of contact for every public institution to provide businesses with easy access to public college and university resources. Click here to access the UBED information.