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    Getting Your Site Ready: Uncovering the Unknowns and Preparing for the Known

    The tenth webinar in our 2014 series took place on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.

    Communities across the Commonwealth of Virginia have repeatedly stepped up to prepare sites and buildings to serve their economic development objectives. As we heard in previous webinars, getting sites ready for companies that are expanding or that are new to the community is an important function of the economic development professional. Yet often, community leaders are anxious to proceed with moving earth to get sites cleared before taking a few important steps.

    What steps should be taken to prepare a site? What data should be gathered during the due diligence phase? What information do prospects and site selection consultants expect localities or regional authorities to have on hand about an available site? Equally important is for the economic development professional to have an understanding of the regulations and permitting requirements. Completing due diligence and understanding the regulations helps to eliminate the unknowns and costs from both the owner’s and prospect’s perspective. This FREE webinar will address these questions.

    Featured speakers:

    Ken McFadyen, Executive Director, Blue Ridge Crossroads Economic Development Authority

    Carolyn A. Howard, PE, Associate/Program Manager, Draper Aden Associates

    Attendees will learn:

    • Why it's important to prepare sites.

    • What companies and site selection consultants want when they are seeking a site.

    • What facts and information companies expect local authorities to have prepared and available.

    • What steps a locality can take to prepare a site.

    • What data should be gathered when conducting due diligence on a site.

    • What regulations are involved and what types of permits are required.

    • How a community can prepare to address issues that are unknown.

    • Where economic developers and community leaders can go for more information.

    A recording of this session is available here. A transcript of this session is available here.

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