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    This webinar was held on April 7, 2015.

    This webinar is intended to provide orientation and training for those serving as mentors in the Virginia Ones to Watch program during 2015 – 2016. It will take place between 2-3pm on April 7 and will provide an opportunity for those invited to register to hear more about the Ones to Watch program and learn about their role as mentors for the program. Participants will get also get a chance to ask questions. Featured speakers will introduce mentors to the Ones to Watch Program in Virginia and to its key players. Importantly, speakers will cover the purpose of mentors, their duties, requirements and expectations, and their time commitment.

    Featured Speakers and Host:

    Lawrence D. Wilder, Jr., Commonwealth of Virginia

    Marie Hussey, Discovery Program Director, SPQA Training Staff

    Jan Garfield, Chairman, SPQA

    Brent Sheffler, Managing Director, Knowledge Transfer & Strategic Outreach, Virginia Economic Development Partnership

    A recording of this session is available here.