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    Industry Codes: NAICS and SIC Correspondence
    Correspondence between 1987 SIC codes and 1997 and 2002 NAICS codes, or the ability to look up codes based on keywords. Drill down menus allow for easy comparisons Also includes files for downloading the entire NAICS structure.

    County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
    Find out how healthy your county is and explore factors that drive your health.

    Conversion Tool
    Convert just about anything to just about anything else, literally.

    Acronym Finder
    Find out the meaning of any acronym or abbrevation, even VEDP.

    Online Lookup Directory
    Numerous free lookups, many related to contact information, such as demographics by county, zip codes by county, distance between two zip codes, and much more.

    IRS 20 Factors and Virginia Exemptions for Employee Classification
    To help determine whether a worker is an employee under the common law rules, the IRS indentified 20 factors that may indicate whether the employer can exercise enough control to establish an employer-employee relationship.

    Employee or Independent Contractor?
    Sometimes an employer will classify workers as contractors instead of employees.