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    ExecutivePulse in Virginia: Introducing Version 6.0

    The Business Expansion Department of VEDP is pleased to continue to offer a technology tool that supports local and regional economic developers in Business Retention and Expansion programs. This software tool is known as ExecutivePulse. VEDP's Business Expansion Department has partnered with ExecutivePulse to enable participating ally communities in Virginia to benefit from reduced licensing fees and expert training. VEDP has a statewide agreement that greatly offsets the cost to participating allies making the software more affordable. More than 30 communities across the Commonwealth have leveraged the powerful features and benefits ExecutivePulse offers. Now, ExecutivePulse is releasing an all new Version 6.0 CRM System which is better than ever, and we want to give you the opportunity to learn more about the software.

    This webinar on Wednesday, March 6 from 2-3pm will visually showcase the ExecutivePulse software tool and introduce you to Version 6.0. Those of you who have used earlier versions of ExecutivePulse will have an opportunity to see and hear what is new and improved in Version 6.0. Those new to ExecutivePulse will have an opportunity to learn about this tool and how your locality can begin to leverage the new CRM technology as it is deployed throughout the Commonwealth. Our featured speaker is LaithWardi, President and Owner of ExecutivePulse. Laith is a thought leader in the economic development profession and has more than two decades of experience helping communities worldwide in their Business Retention & Expansion programs. He is an expert in Database Management systems and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques. He is also a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD).

    Those attending this webinar will learn about:

    • How ExecutivePulse can help a community in its Business Retention and Expansion program.

    • How Version 6.0 differs from previous editions?

    • How information entered is secured, and how information can be kept confidential.

    • How reports can be generated to inform leadership about what is taking place.

    • How the local or regional subscriber's installation can be customized to carry its community logo or brand.

    • How the locality or the region can subscribe to get access to the powerful ExecutivePulse software.

    • What experience, if any, is needed to be able to use this software.

    • How ExecutivePulse is collaborating with VEDP to provide training to enable users to fully utilize the features and benefits of the software.

    A recording of this session is available by clicking here. You may require Adobe Flash Player in order to play the recording. If so, you can download and install it by clicking here.