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    Economic Impact Analysis

    Minnesota IMPLAN Group, Inc.
    IMPLAN offers fee-based software and data to run economic impact analysis and the flexibility to create a region of study. They also offer individual multiplier reports.

    RIMS II Regional Input-Output Multipliers
    RIMS II multipliers can be estimated for any region composed of one or more counties and for any industry, or group of industries, in the national input-output table. Also includes a windows-based software program that allows users to view the tables. Fee-based.

    Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI)
    The REMI Policy Insight model can generate year-by-year estimates of the total regional effects of any specific policy initiative. The model is available in single- and multi-area configurations. Each calibrated area (or region) has economic and demographic variables, as well as policy variables so that any policy that affects a local economy can be tested. Fee-based.

    Federal Reserve Fiscal Impact Tool
    The Federal Reserve Fiscal Impact Tool is available in the form of an Excel workbook, for estimating the effects of proposed economic development projects on local sales and property tax revenues and on costs to local government. The estimates are based on user-provided information about the project (such as location and number of jobs) and the locality (such as tax rates and one-time government costs). Free.