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    China - Foreign Direct Investment

    This webinar took place on March 20, 2013.

    The webinar is designed to inform you about Chinese based investments inbound to the USA and Virginia. You will hear what is taking place on a global macro level and you will learn a bit about SelectUSA and their services as a resource. You will also hear about how Virginia is positioned to attract Chinese investment to the Commonwealth. Listeners will have an opportunity to learn what Virginia is doing to reach Chinese based companies to consider Virginia as a place for business.

    Featured speakers include:

    Pasha Picture

    Tazeem Pasha, Manager, Global Business Attraction, SelectUSA

    Fong Picture

    Hailey Fong, Manager, Business Attraction, Virginia Economic Development Partnership-Shanghai, China

    Attendees will learn:

    • Is Chinese outward FDI significant? How much of it is coming to the USA? What trends are taking place and how can we prepare to win Chinese FDI?

    • What mechanisms are in place to screen foreign companies, including Chinese companies, for national security risks or that might pose an anti- competitive risk?

    • What public or private resources are available to economic developers to address issues that might impede FDI from China?

    • How can trade relations help us improve Virginia's ability to attract Chinese investment?

    • At least 38 states are courting Chinese FDI – How is Virginia positioned and what is Virginia doing to recruit Chinese companies?

    A recording of this session, including both Tazeem Pasha and Haley Fong's presentations, is available by clicking here. A recording of Hailey Fong's presentation is available by clicking here. If you experience problems with the recording, you may want to try using the VLC media player instead of Windows Media Player. The VLC media player can be downloaded here.

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