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    Organization First Name Last Name Job Title Phone Number Email
    A & N Electric Cooperative Vernon Brinkley President (757) 787-9750 [email protected]
    Abingdon Town Kevin Costello Director of Economic Development & Tourism (276) 676-2282 [email protected]
    Abingdon Town Tonya Triplett Community Development Director (276) 676-2282 [email protected]
    Absolute Protection Realty David Wong (757) 493-2526 [email protected]
    Acclaim Properties, LLC Andrew Pegalis (804) 678-8816 [email protected]
    Accomack County Rich Morrison Planning Director & Community Development (757) 787-5726 [email protected]
    Accomack County Tom Brockenbrough GIS Coordinator (757) 787-5797 [email protected]
    Accomack County Michael Mason Interim County Administrator (757) 787-5700 [email protected]
    Accomack County Julie Wheatley Wallops Research Park Manager (757) 787-5708 [email protected]
    Accomack County Wesley Edwards Member of Economic Development Authority (757) 710-8190
    Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission Susan Simon Economic Development Coordinator (757) 787-2936 [email protected]
    Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission Elaine Meil Executive Director (757) 787-2936 [email protected]
    Adams-Nelson & Associates, Inc. Mike Silek Senior Commercial Specialist (540) 667-2424 [email protected]
    Adler Group Kenneth Barnhill (804) 405-4911 [email protected]
    Advantage Business Advisors Jeffrey Scott (540) 371-7640 [email protected]
    AES Consulting Engineers G. Archer Marston President (757) 253-0040 [email protected]
    AFM Land Sales, LLC/American Forest Management, Inc. David Anderton (804) 897-5052 [email protected]
    AGL Resources (Virginia Natural Gas) Richard Moore Managing Director of Economic Development (404) 584-3496 [email protected]
    AKA Direct Marketing Solutions Tom Mucha Chief Financial Officer (540) 373-1111 [email protected]
    Alan T. & Wayne T. Shaia, Brokers Alan Shaia (804) 225-0923 [email protected]
    Albemarle County Susan Stimart Business Development Manager (434) 243-7909 [email protected]
    Albemarle County Lee Catlin Assistant County Executive (434) 296-5841 [email protected]
    Albemarle County Elizabeth Pizzichemi Project Information Coordiantor (434) 296-5841 [email protected]
    Albemarle County Jody Lewis Communications Specialist (434) 296-5841 [email protected]
    Albemarle County Mark Graham Director of Community Development (434) 296-5841 [email protected]
    Albemarle County Economic Development Authority Rod Gentry Chairman (434) 296-4695 [email protected]
    Alberta Town Diane Ashley Vice Mayor & Acting Mayor (434) 949-7443 [email protected]
    Alexander Realty Alexander Pasquier (757) 713-1938 [email protected]
    Alexandria Economic Development Partnership, Inc. Stephanie Landrum President & CEO (703) 739-3820 [email protected]
    Alexandria Economic Development Partnership, Inc. Christina Mindrup Vice President, Commercial Real Estate (703) 739-3820 [email protected]
    Alexandria Economic Development Partnership, Inc. Teresa Garrison Director of Operations & Special Projects (703) 739-3820 [email protected]
    Alleghany County Jonathan Lanford County Administrator (540) 863-6600 [email protected]
    Alleghany Highlands Economic Development Corporation Marla Akridge Executive Director (540) 862-0936 [email protected]
    Alleghany Highlands Economic Development Corporation Terri McClung Administrative Assistant (540) 862-0936 [email protected]
    Alliance Realty Advisors, Inc. Ross Seifert President (434) 466-2300
    Allied Realty Lake Polan President (304) 525-9125 [email protected]
    Allison James Estates and Homes Tracy Brown (800) 376-1513 [email protected]
    Allison James Estates and Homes Anita Stone (800) 376-1513 [email protected]
    Alpha Royale Commercial Group Eileen Xu (703) 821-2300 [email protected]
    Alphin Corporation Eric Johnson Vice President (540) 825-0014
    Altavista Town John Waverly Coggsdale Town Manager (434) 369-5001 [email protected]
    Altavista Town Dennis Jarvis Economic Development Director (434) 369-5001 [email protected]
    Amelia County Brenda Arthur Administrative Assistant (804) 561-3039 [email protected]
    Amelia County A. Taylor Harvie County Administrator (804) 561-3039 [email protected]
    Amelia County David Whitaker County Planner (804) 561-3039 [email protected]
    American Electric Power (AEP) William Rogers Customer Services (540) 985-2971 [email protected]
    American Electric Power (AEP) David M. Nance Manager, Customer Services (540) 985-2829 [email protected]
    American Electric Power (AEP) Ken Brant Customer Services Engineer (540) 985-2761 [email protected]
    American Electric Power (AEP) Larry Jackson Manager, External Affairs (804) 522-4332 [email protected]
    American Electric Power (AEP) John Smolak Director, Economic & Business Development (540) 985-2605 [email protected]
    American Electric Power (AEP) J. Joseph Jones Director, External Affairs (540) 985-2761 [email protected]
    American Electric Power (AEP) R. Daniel Carson Vice President (540) 985-2900 [email protected]
    American Electric Power (AEP) Mary Begley Manager, External Affairs (276) 429-4101 [email protected]
    American Electric Power (AEP) David Bennett Customer Service Engineer (540) 994-1133 [email protected]
    American Realty & Associates Ann Whitmore (276) 466-0836
    Amherst County David Proffitt Assistant County Administrator (434) 946-9400 [email protected]
    Amherst County Jeremy Bryant Director of Planning & Development (434) 946-9400 [email protected]
    Amherst County Victoria Hanson Executive Director, Economic Development Authority (434) 946-5200 [email protected]
    Amherst County Lee Cobb Economic Development Consultant (434) 946-9303 [email protected]
    Amherst County Michael Russell Board Member (434) 946-9303 [email protected]
    Amherst County Dean Rogers County Administrator (434) 946-9400 [email protected]
    Amherst County Lori Saunders Economic Development Specialist (434) 946-5200 [email protected]
    Amherst Town Jack Hobbs Town Manager (434) 946-7885 [email protected]
    Anchor Realty Group Blake Dozier (757) 428-0432 [email protected]
    Anglin Realty Marshall Harris Sales Associate (540) 344-6744 [email protected]
    Appalachian Realty Executives, LLC Brenda Hill (276) 523-2635 [email protected]
    Appomattox County John Spencer Purchasing and IT Specialist (434) 352-2637 [email protected]
    Appomattox County Susan Adams County Administrator (434) 352-2637 [email protected]
    Aquia Realty Jo Knight Principle Broker (540) 659-2192 [email protected]
    Arlington County Tara Palacios Director, BizLaunch (703) 228-0853 [email protected]
    Arlington County Cindy Richmond Deputy Director (703) 228-0840 [email protected]
    Arlington County Adam Palmer Federal Business Development Manager (703) 228-0834 [email protected]
    Arlington County Darren Stauffer Business Development Manager (703) 228-0872 [email protected]
    Arlington County Courtney Pelham Sales Force Administrator (703) 228-0838 [email protected]
    Arlington County Troy Palma Regional Economist (703) 228-0859 [email protected]
    Arlington County Natalie Monkou Business Development Manager (703) 228-0809 [email protected]
    Arlington County Mark Schwartz County Manager (703) 228-3414 [email protected]
    Arlington County Marian Marquez Senior Retention & International Trade Manager (703) 228-0807 [email protected]
    Arlington County Melissa O'Connor Marketing Specialist (703) 228-0826 [email protected]
    Arlington County Christina Winn Director, Business Investment Group (703) 228-0801 [email protected]
    Arlington County Alex Taylor Senior Business Investment Manager (703) 228-0821 [email protected]
    Arlington County Alex Iams Assistant Director (703) 228-0836 [email protected]
    Arlington County Lourdes Morales Business Consultant (703) 228-0802 [email protected]
    Arlington County Katie McConnell Senior Business Intelligence Manager (703) 228-0820 [email protected]
    Arlington County Victor Hoskins Director (703) 228-0850 [email protected]
    Arlington County Sindy Yeh BusinessDevelopment Manager (703) 228-0858 [email protected]
    Armada Hoffler Kim Martini Director of Business Development (757) 366-6624 [email protected]
    Armada Hoffler Louis Haddad President & CEO (757) 366-6624 [email protected]
    Armada Hoffler Kris Kelly-Inderlied Director of Marketing & Public Relations (757) 366-6624 [email protected]
    Ashland Town Nora Amos Director of Planning & Community Development (804) 798-1073 [email protected]
    Ashland Town Joe Topham Business Retention & Expansion Manager (804) 798-1073 [email protected]
    Atlantic Asset Management Group Catherine Holden (757) 461-6867 [email protected]
    Atmos Entergy Michael Ellis Vice President Operations KY/Mid-State Division (423) 926-2122 [email protected]
    Augusta County Amanda Glover Economic Development Director (540) 245-5619 [email protected]
    Augusta County Rebekah Castle Marketing Assistant (540) 245-5619 [email protected]
    Augusta County Michele Astarb (540) 245-5700 [email protected]
    Augusta County Timothy Fitzgerald County Administrator (540) 245-5618 [email protected]
    Augusta Realty Group Bill White Realtor (540) 943-4500 [email protected]
    Augusta Realty Group Casey Ochs Realtor (540) 943-4500 [email protected]
    Augusta Realty Group Keri Dowdy Wilfong Realtor (540) 943-4500 [email protected]
    Austin Park Development, LLC Richard Gillis 703-723-1666 [email protected]
    Avison Young Edward Harrell (703) 288-2702 [email protected]
    Avison Young Michael Shuler Principal (703) 760-9052 [email protected]
    Avison Young Todd McManus Senior Vice President (703) 288-2708 [email protected]
    Avison Young Daniel Gonzalez Principal (703) 288-2701 [email protected]
    Avison Young Tom Sandlin Managing Partner (703) 288-2706 [email protected]
    Avison Young William Turner Associate (703) 288-2705 [email protected]
    Avison Young Robert Walters Principal (703) 760-9064 [email protected]
    Balducci Realty Inc. Robin Tyler Realtor (804) 730-0033
    Balzer and Associates, Inc. Ray Burkholder Executive Vice President (540) 248-3220 [email protected]
    Bank Street Advisors Ed Brown (804) 262-1585 [email protected]
    BARC Electric Cooperative Bruce King General Manager (540) 997-9124 [email protected]
    Barnett Commercial Realty, Inc. Jim Barnett President & CEO 276 656 3538
    Barnwell & Jones Arthur Harrison (540) 942-5101 [email protected]
    Barnwell & Jones Bill Loth (540) 942-5101 [email protected]
    Barnwell & Jones Greg Jones (540) 942-5101 [email protected]
    Barry Realty Company Barry Epstein Principal (757) 723-7561
    Bart Long & Associates Bart Long (276) 466-4663
    Baskervill Ray Trevillian Vice President | Director Advanced Technologies Group (804) 343-1010 [email protected]
    Bath County Janet Bryan Executive Assistant (540) 839-7221 [email protected]
    Bath County Sherry Ryder County Planner (540) 839-7221 [email protected]
    Bath County Celine Pritt Tourism Manager (540) 839-7221 [email protected]
    Bath County Ashton Harrison County Administrator (540) 839-7221 [email protected]
    Bath County Economic Development Authority John Fischer (540) 839-7221 [email protected]
    Beatty Management Company, Inc. Guy Beatty (703) 821-0500 [email protected]
    Beco Asset Management Dan Byrnes (757) 547-1511 [email protected]
    Bedford County Jessica Hupp Business Programs Coordinator (540) 587-5670 [email protected]
    Bedford County Carl Boggess County Administrator (540) 586-7601 [email protected]
    Bedford County Traci Blido Economic Development Director (540) 587-5670 [email protected]
    Bedford Town Charles Kolakowski City Manager (540) 587-6001 [email protected]
    Bedford Town Barrett Warner Director of Planning & Development (540) 587-6022 [email protected]
    BELL-KEY Properties, Inc. Meredith Kotre (757) 877-1400
    Benn's Church Properties Henry Morgan Co-Owner (757) 435-8848 [email protected]
    Berkadia Alan Meetze Senior Director (757) 383-9641 [email protected]
    Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty Pamela Frohman (757) 488-4600 [email protected]
    Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty LeAnn Emory-Wallace (757) 488-4600
    Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty Mary Gentry (757) 328-5412 [email protected]
    Bernstein Management Corporation Darren Bernstein (703) 204-2000 [email protected]
    Bernstein Management Corporation Sara Merman (804) 782-1921
    Bernstein Management Corporation Austin Herndon Vice President of Leasing (202) 363-6301 [email protected]
    Berryville Town Christy Dunkle Assistant Town Manager/Planner (540) 955-4081 [email protected]
    BHG Real Estate III Carol Shifflett (434) 817-9800 [email protected]
    BHG Real Estate III Gloria Welch (434) 817-6082 [email protected]
    Bill Neff Enterprises Bill Neff (540) 434-9593 [email protected]
    Bill Young Associates Bill Young (540) 255-9909 [email protected]
    Binswanger Derek Anderson Vice President (704) 974-2023 [email protected]
    Binswanger Doug Faris Senior Vice President, Realty Group South (704) 972-2040 [email protected]
    Bizworks Enterprise Center Suzanne Cormier Executive Director (804) 275-5190 [email protected]
    Blackenbeckler Real Estate Inc. C. J. Blackenbeckler (804) 232-5100
    Blacksburg Partnership Diane Akers President (540) 443-2008 [email protected]
    Blacksburg Town Ron Rordam Mayor (540) 961-1147 [email protected]
    Blacksburg Town Marc Verniel Town Manager (540) 961-1100 [email protected]
    Blackstone Town William Coleburn Mayor (434) 292-6743 [email protected]
    Blackstone Town Philip Vanoorbeeck Town Manager (434) 292-7251 [email protected]
    Blackwood Real Estate David Blackwood (540) 710-8800 [email protected]
    Bland County Rodney Ratliff Deputy County Administrator (276) 688-4622 [email protected]
    Bland County Eric Workman County Administrator (276) 688-4622 [email protected]
    Bland County Kristi Blevins Project Coordinator (276) 688-4622 [email protected]
    Blue Ridge Crossroads Economic Development Authority Katherine Asbury Executive Director (276) 236-0391 [email protected]
    Blue Ridge Land & Auction Co. Harry Surratt (540) 745-2005
    Blue Ridge Properties John Moody (423) 247-4181 [email protected]
    Bluefield Town Chad Lambert Building Official (276) 322-4626 [email protected]
    Bob Kahn Realty & Investment Joseph Bonistalli (434) 245-5050
    Bob Kahn Realty & Investment Bob Kahn Principal Broker (434) 962-9434 [email protected]
    Born Commercial Ken Born (540) 829-1717
    Botetourt County Ken McFadyen Economic Development Director (540) 928-2145 [email protected]
    Botetourt County David Moorman Deputy County Administrator (540) 928-2006 [email protected]
    Botetourt County Gary Larrowe County Administrator (540) 928-2006 [email protected]
    Bowman Consulting Group Spencer Francis Regional Manager (804) 616-3240 [email protected]
    Braddock Commercial Real Estate Services Christopher Campagna President (703) 549-1695 [email protected]
    Brandywine Realty Trust Stephanie Hudon Leasing Representative (703) 205-0840 [email protected]
    Brandywine Realty Trust Jerry Kilkenny Director of Leasing (703) 205-0847 [email protected]
    Brandywine Realty Trust Joey Caperton Marketing Representative (804) 521-1824 [email protected]
    Brandywine Realty Trust Rick Miller Marketing Representative (804) 521-1825 [email protected]
    Brandywine Realty Trust Bill Redd Senior Vice President & Managing Director (804) 330-3900 [email protected]
    Brandywine Realty Trust Bernadette Coleman Senior Property Manager (804) 521-1831 [email protected]
    Brandywine Realty Trust Janet Davis Senior Vice President (703) 205-0850 [email protected]
    Branwick Associates, Inc. Robert Smithwick Chief Financial Officer 757 490 0650 [email protected]
    Brickcraft Masonry, Inc. Michael O'Connor (757) 393-9993 [email protected]
    Bridgewater Town Bob Holton Public Works Director (540) 828-3390 [email protected]
    Bridgewater Town Jonathan Litten Superintendent (540) 828-3390 [email protected]
    Bristol City Bart Poe Interim Director/Assistant Economic Development Director (276) 645-7471 [email protected]
    Bristol City Sally Morgan City Planner (276) 645-3784 [email protected]
    Bristol City Melanie Fleenor Office Manager (276) 645-7471 [email protected]
    Broad Street Realty David Krucoff (301) 828-1211 [email protected]
    Broad Street Realty Bill Feller (301) 828-1206 [email protected]
    Broadwater Development David Broadwater (703) 392-5810 [email protected]
    Broughman Commercial Services, Inc. Brian Broughman (540) 537-0473 [email protected]
    Brownfield Realty & Investment Hal Brownfield (434) 971-5830 [email protected]
    Brownfield Realty Advisors Inc. Ed Brownfield (434) 817-1240 [email protected]
    Brunswick County Charlette Woolridge County Administrator (434) 848-3107 [email protected]
    Brunswick County Wanda Beville Commissioner of the Revenue (434) 848-2313 [email protected]
    Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority Melissa Boucher Administrative Assistant (434) 848-0248 [email protected]
    Brunswick County Industrial Development Authority Joan Moore Executive Director (434) 848-0248 [email protected]
    Buchanan County Craig Horn County Administrator (276) 935-6503 [email protected]
    Buchanan Partners Matt Pierce (703) 753-7949 [email protected]
    Buchanan Town Larry Hall Mayor (540) 254-1212 [email protected]
    Buchanan Town Mary Zirkle Town Manager (540) 254-1212 [email protected]
    Buckingham County Rebecca Carter County Administrator (434) 969-4242 [email protected]
    Buckingham County Rebecca Cobb Zoning Administrator/Planner (434) 969-4242 [email protected]
    Buckingham County Jamie Shumaker IT Manager (434) 969-4242 [email protected]
    Buena Vista City Jay Scudder City Manager (540) 261-8601 [email protected]
    Buena Vista City Brian Brown Director of Economic Development (540) 261-8616 [email protected]
    Bunch Real Estate, Inc. Tammy Bunch Managing Broker & Owner (757) 488-5645 [email protected]
    Bunch Real Estate, Inc. Sara Steele (757) 235-2608
    Bunch Real Estate, Inc. Steve Bunch Principal Broker & Owner (757) 488-5645 [email protected]
    BUR Investments, LLC Jeff Stakes (757) 435-4641
    Burgess & Niple, Inc. John DeBell (703) 631-9630
    Burr & Temkin Eric McFarlin Principal Real Estate Broker-VA (336) 996-2550 [email protected]
    Business Finance Group, Inc. Curt Solomon Southern Region (804) 794-5504 [email protected]
    Business Finance Group, Inc. Elizabeth Wilson Shenandoah Valley (304) 754-9427 [email protected]
    BusinesSuites West End Thomasine Smith (804) 727-0200
    Butler Realty, Inc. Bob Butler (804) 644-3061 [email protected]
    C. D. West & Company Thomas Meehan (757) 873-0565 [email protected]
    Cafferty Commercial Real Estate Services Ralph Burwell (703) 448-0121
    Callebs Realty Patrick Callebs (276) 669-0102
    Cambridge Property Group LLC David Remington Senior Associate (703) 925-5219 [email protected]
    Cambridge Property Group LLC Katherine Freehof (703) 709-8866 [email protected]
    Campana Waltz Commercial Real Estate Ron Campana (757) 327-0333 [email protected]
    Campana Waltz Commercial Real Estate Skip Campana (757) 327-0333 [email protected]
    Campana Waltz Commercial Real Estate Thomas Waltz (757) 327-0333 [email protected]
    Campana Waltz Commercial Real Estate Vince Campana (757) 327-0333 [email protected]
    Campana Waltz Commercial Real Estate Travis Waltz (757) 327-0333 [email protected]
    Campana Waltz Commercial Real Estate Janice Lewis (757) 327-0333 [email protected]
    Campbell County Sarah Johnson Economic Development Specialist (434) 592-9595 [email protected]
    Campbell County J. Michael Davidson Director of Economic Development (434) 592-9595 [email protected]
    Campbell County Kimberly Stewart Administrative Assistant (434) 592-9595 [email protected]
    Campbell County Frank Rogers County Administrator (434) 332-9525 [email protected]
    Caniford Group Terry Caniford Broker (703) 609-1836 [email protected]
    Cape Charles Town Brent Manuel Town Manager (757) 331-3259 [email protected]
    Capital Region Airport Commission Russ Peaden Director - Real Estate & Facilities (804) 226-8520 [email protected]
    Capitol Land Company LLC Sterling Roberts (804) 402-9600 [email protected]
    Caroline County Charles Culley County Administrator (804) 633-5380 [email protected]
    Caroline County Gary Wilson Economic Development Director (804) 633-4386 [email protected]
    Caroline County Cassie Ruby Administrative Assistant for Economic Development (804) 633-4074 [email protected]
    Caroline County Alan Partin Assistant County Administrator (804) 633-5380 [email protected]
    Caroline County Floyd Thomas Board of Supervisors (804) 633-9237 [email protected]
    Carrithers Realty Ruby Daye (757) 930-9300
    Carroll County Jimmy Whitten Building Official (276) 730-3015 [email protected]
    Carroll County Nikki Cannon Assistant County Administrator (276) 730-3001 [email protected]
    Carroll County Steve Truitt County Administrator (276) 730-3001 [email protected]
    Carroll County Crystal Adams Administrative Coordinator (276) 730-3005 [email protected]
    Carter Godbout & Associates Scott Godbout Senior Vice President (757) 525-4947 [email protected]
    Carter Godbout & Associates Robert Carter (757) 585-3657 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Brian Mello (757) 228-1844 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Mac Weaver (757) 218-1871 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Zach Roski Senior Vice President (804) 267-7256 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Chris Kieran Vice President (757) 490-3300 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Scott Boyers Vice President (804) 237-8081 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis David Gast Senior Vice President (703) 905-0253 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Trib Sutton Senior Vice President (804) 267-7254 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Ashton Williamson Senior Vice President (757) 228-1802 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Robert Stockhausen Managing Director | Principal Broker (434) 284-4004 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Ruth Eggleston Senior Transaction Manager (804) 967-5377 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Kevin South (804) 267-2758 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Charles Wentworth Vice President (804) 267-7223 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Will Donovan Associate (804) 320-5500 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Mike O'Donnell Associate (540) 476-2644 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Marc Allocca Senior Vice President (804) 267-7217 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Matt Anderson Senior Associate (804) 267-7248 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Jay O'Donnell (434) 974-7377 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Lang Williams Vice President (757) 228-1808 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Phillip Baxter (540) 373-3434 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Patrick Mugler Senior Vice President, Principal (757) 228-1802 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Bob Gibbs Senior Vice President (703) 905-0301 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Brad Davis Senior Vice President (703) 734-4726 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis David Ritchey First Vice President (703) 905-0319 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Jeremy Rood (703) 905-0370 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Perry Frazer Senior Vice President (757) 228-1833 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Malcolm Schweiker Senior Vice President (703) 734-4700 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Bill Reynolds Senior Vice President-Office Specialist (804) 320-5500 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Rich McDaniel (540) 373-3434 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Walton Makepeace Senior Vice President (804) 267-7202 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Ken Sweeney (703) 905-0242 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Will Bradley (804) 320-5500 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis John Redeker Associate (703) 905-0305 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Greg Creswell (804) 320-5500 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Thomas Rogers Senior Vice President (703) 905-0298 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Tyler Brooks (757) 213-8110 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Rob Dirom First Vice President (804) 320-5500 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Scott Adams Regional President - Mid-South Region (757) 228-1836 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Ken Benassi Senior Vice President (757) 217-1874 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Joe Marchetti Regional Managing Director (804) 267-7242 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Joe O'Brien (703) 905-0229 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis John Ryan (703) 288-2541 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Carolyn Shears Senior Vice President (434) 284-4011 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis David Crawford Assistant Vice President (804) 320-5500 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Barry Hofheimer Senior Vice President (804) 267-7250 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis David Wilkins Senior Vice President (804) 267-7238 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Cass Kawecki Vice President (434) 284-4018 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Wood Thornton Vice President (804) 267-7221 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Donald Crigger Senior Vice President (757) 228-1847 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Bill Reynolds Senior Vice President (804) 267-7200 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Terry Reiley Senior Vice President (703) 905-0236 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Tom Vozenilek Executive Vice President (804) 615-6387 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Lee Cherwek (540) 373-3434 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Dan Slater Vice President (757) 282-1019 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Mollie Korte Senior Associate (757) 217-1881 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Chris Read Senior Vice President (757) 228-1803 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Erik McLaughlin Senior Vice President (703) 288-2548 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Gray Randolph Executive Vice President (757) 490-3300 gray.randol[email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Worth Remick First Vice President (757) 490-3300 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Gresh Wall First Vice President (757) 490-3300 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Kevin Curran First Vice President (757) 838-3575 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Patrick Gill Senior Vice President (757) 228-1832 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Thomas Minton (757) 228-1844 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Carter Byrnes First Vice President (703) 905-0204 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Chad Lesley Vice President (757) 490-3300 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Ned Brooks Senior Vice President (757) 228-1829 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Scott Durham Senior Vice President (804) 267-7240 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Tom Walsh Senior Associate (703) 905-0388 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Leigh Huges Assistant Vice President (434) 284-4007 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Tony Russo Vice President (703) 905-0210 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Chamie Burroughs (757) 490-3300 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Cathy Delcoco Executive Vice President (703) 734-4729 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis Rebecca St. John Barricklow Associate (804) 267-7228 [email protected]
    CB Richard Ellis John Carpin Senior Vice President (804) 267-7216 [email protected]
    CBRE - Hampton Roads Matt Wilbricht Broker (757) 228-1815 [email protected]
    CBRE - Hampton Roads Kevin O'Keefe Senior Vice President (757) 217-1882 [email protected]
    CBRE - Hampton Roads Mike Cespedes Associate (757) 217-1882 [email protected]
    CBRE - Hampton Roads Natalie Hucke Senior Vice President (757) 217-1882 [email protected]
    Cedar Realty Trust Lori Manzo (508) 365-3526 [email protected]
    Cedar Realty Trust David Lank Leasing Representative (508) 365-3526 [email protected]
    Center for Innovative Technology Brooke Bell Director of Information Research Services (804) 883-7436 [email protected]
    Center for Innovative Technology William G. Brickley Director, Corporate e-Business Strategy (703) 689-3020 [email protected]
    Center for Innovative Technology Tom Weithman Managing Director & Vice President (703) 689-3060 [email protected]
    Center for Innovative Technology Nancy Vorona Vice President, Research Investment (703) 689-3043 [email protected]
    Center for Innovative Technology Edward Albrigo President & Chief Executive Officer (703) 689-3040 [email protected]
    Center for Innovative Technology Robert Stolle Senior Vice President, Operations (804) 240-0273 [email protected]
    Center for Rural Virginia Christy Morton Executive Director (804) 371-7141 [email protected]
    CenterPoint Properties Robert Harbour Senior Vice President, Infrastructure & Transportation (757) 640-6300
    Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission Elizabeth McCarty Economic Development Planner (540) 885-5174 [email protected]
    Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission Robbie Huff GIS Manager (540) 885-5174 [email protected]
    Central Shenandoah Planning District Commission Bonnie Riedesel Executive Director (540) 885-5174 [email protected]
    Central Virginia Electric Cooperative Gary Wood CEO (434) 263-8336 [email protected]
    Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development Phil Geer Assistant Director, Piedmont Workforce Network (434) 979-5610 [email protected]
    Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development Uconda Dunn Economic Development Manager (434) 979-5610 [email protected]
    Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development Helen Cauthen President (434) 979-5610 [email protected]
    Central Virginia Partnership for Economic Development Stephanie Boynton Grant Accountant (434) 979-5610 [email protected]
    Century 21 Adventure Thomas Smith (540) 898-2900 [email protected]
    Century 21 Jim Owens & Associates, Inc. Thomas Turner (540) 674-1800 [email protected]
    Century 21 Nachman Realty James Hemingway (757) 638-5700 [email protected]
    Century 21 Nachman Realty Terry Fraley (757) 638-5700 [email protected]
    Century 21 Nachman Realty Betsy Johnston (757) 827-1400 [email protected]
    Charles City County Denise Williams Administrative Assistant (804) 652-4707 [email protected]
    Charles City County Zachary Trogdon County Administrator (804) 652-4701 [email protected]
    Charles City County Rachel Chieppa Director of Planning/Economic Development (804) 652-4707 [email protected]
    Charlotte County Monica Elder Planner (434) 542-5117 [email protected]
    Charlotte County Russell Clark County Administrator (434) 542-5117 [email protected]
    Charlottesville Business Innovation Council Tracey Danner Executive Director (434) 817-6300 [email protected]
    Charlottesville City Hollie Lee Chief of Workforce Strategy (434) 970-3117 [email protected]
    Charlottesville City Jason Ness Business Development Manager (434) 970-3717 [email protected]
    Charlottesville City Chris Engel Economic Development Director (434) 970-3110 [email protected]
    Charlottesville Solutions James Friend Dickerson (434) 466-4663 [email protected]
    Chase City Town Ed Bratton Mayor (434) 372-5136 [email protected]
    Chesapeake City Joan Fowler Development Services Coordinator (757) 382-8040 [email protected]
    Chesapeake City James Baker City Manager (757) 382-6166 [email protected]
    Chesapeake City Von Gilbreath Sr. Business Development Manger (757) 382-3707 [email protected]
    Chesapeake City Preston Wilhelm Senior Business Development Manager (757) 382-8040 [email protected]
    Chesapeake City Casey Gilchrist Marketing Research Specialist (757) 382-3717 [email protected]
    Chesapeake City Steven Wright Director of Economic Development (757) 382-8040 [email protected]
    Chesapeake City Benton White Assistant Director of Economic Development (757) 382-8040 [email protected]
    Chesapeake City Sherry Barnette Business Development Representative (757) 382-8040 [email protected]
    Chesterfield Commercial Realty Terry Earnest (804) 744-9290 [email protected]
    Chesterfield County Latisha Jenkins Revitalization Project Manager (804) 318-8550 [email protected]
    Chesterfield County Barbara DelVillar Research and IT Coordinator (804) 318-8559 [email protected]
    Chesterfield County Woody Carr Marketing Communications, Research, and IT Division Manager (804) 318-8557 [email protected]
    Chesterfield County Aaron Bond Small Business Site Development Assistant (804) 748-1040 [email protected]
    Chesterfield County John Watt Tourism Project Manager (804) 318-8550 [email protected]
    Chesterfield County Lori Perez Office Coordinator (804) 318-8550 [email protected]
    Chesterfield County Karen Aylward Assistant Director of Economic Development (804) 318-8560 [email protected]
    Chesterfield County Garrett Hart Director of Economic Development (804) 318-8561 [email protected]
    Chesterfield County Joseph Casey County Administrator (804) 748-1211 [email protected]
    Chesterfield County Tina Shreve Senior Project Manager (804) 318-8564 [email protected]
    Chmura Economics & Analytics Christine Chmura President, Chief Economist (804) 649-3640 [email protected]
    Chmura Economics & Analytics Leslie Peterson Principal and Director of Operations (804) 649-3640 [email protected]
    Chrismarr Commercial Realty Clay Mihoulides (540) 720-0000
    Christian Barton, LLP Eric Ballou Partner (804) 697-4122 [email protected]
    Chuck Barger Chuck Barger (540) 463-2106 [email protected]
    Clancy & Theys Construction Company Tom O'Grady Director of Business Development (757) 873-6869 [email protected]
    Clarke County David Ash County Administrator (540) 955-5100 [email protected]
    Clarke County Len Capelli Director of Economic Development & Tourism (540) 955-5107 [email protected]
    Clarke County Brandon Stidham Planning Director (540) 955-5130 [email protected]
    Clarksville Town Jeff Jones Town Manager (434) 374-8177
    Clarksville Town Charles Lee Interim Director (434) 374-8177 [email protected]
    Clifton Forge Town Darlene Burcham Town Manager (540) 863-2500 [email protected]
    Cohen Commercial Real Estate Hugh Cohen (757) 490-1193 [email protected]
    Cohen Commercial Real Estate Laura Hirschler (757) 490-1193 [email protected]
    Cohen Commercial Real Estate Andy Wolchko Commercial Sales & Leasing (757) 490-1193 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Commercial Elite Heather Hagerman (540) 548-2220 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Commercial Elite Ben Keddie (540) 786-1402 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Commercial Elite Steve Schattgen (540) 845-6780 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Commercial Elite Pete Rotelli (540) 785-3368 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Commercial Elite J. R. Burdette (540) 785-3369 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Commercial Read & Co., Realtors Ricky Read (434) 841-3659 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Commercial Read & Co., Realtors Luke Dykeman (434) 944-3920 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Commercial Read & Co., Realtors Edward Koepenick (434) 455-2285 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Dew Realty Tim Shelton (804) 798-3246 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Forehand & Company Richard Read Broker (434) 455-3618 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Forehand & Company Wayne Henson (804) 847-7731
    Coldwell Banker Professional Realtors Sherry Pennington Associate Broker (757) 418-2745 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Professional Realtors Jennifer Anderson-Helms (757) 418-2745 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Professional Realtors William Shelton (757) 418-2745 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Professional Realtors Jeffrey Fremeau (757) 418-2745 [email protected]
    Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate, Inc. Barry Catron (276) 228-2030 [email protected]
    Cole Real Estate, Inc. LaVerne Cole Owner, Broker (804) 748-3336 [email protected]
    Colliers International Sharon Holmstrom (757) 714-5688 [email protected]
    Colliers International Andrew Ferguson Director, Integrated Client Services | Corporate Solutions (804) 420-3234 [email protected]
    Colliers International Loretta Cataldi (804) 591-2433 [email protected]
    Colliers International James Bouloukos Senior Director US Brokerage (202) 534-3616 [email protected]
    Colliers International Warren Amason (703) 394-4808 [email protected]
    Colliers International Grant Miller (704) 409-2364 [email protected]
    Colliers International Christopher DiBitetto Associate (703) 394-4816 [email protected]
    Colliers International Stuart Cary Senior Vice President (804) 591-2400 [email protected]
    Colliers International Jason Hetherington Senior Vice President (804) 591-2407 [email protected]
    Colliers International Matt Louthan (804) 591-2411 [email protected]
    Colliers International Chip Louthan Senior Vice President (804) 591-2417 [email protected]
    Colliers International Yasmine Hamad Senior Associate (804) 591-2419 [email protected]
    Colliers International Muscoe Garnett Director, Integrated Client Services | Corporate Solutions (804) 788-1000 [email protected]
    Colliers International Bill Mattox Senior Vice President (804) 591-2428 [email protected]
    Colliers International Brian Glass Senior Vice President (804) 591-2404 [email protected]
    Colliers International Stevens Gentil Chairman | Richmond (804) 591-2421 [email protected]
    Colliers International Catlin Tyler Vice Chairman | Richmond (804) 591-2420 [email protected]
    Colliers International Chris Wallace Vice President (804) 591-2424 [email protected]
    Colliers International Christopher Todd (757) 441-3636 [email protected]
    Colliers International C. Lee Hilbert Chairman Emeritus (804) 591-2411 [email protected]
    Colliers International Bruce Milam Vice President (804) 591-2412 [email protected]
    Colliers International Susan Jones Senior Vice President (804) 591-2415 [email protected]
    Colliers International Ben Luke (540) 229-7294 [email protected]
    Colliers International Matt Hamilton Associate (804) 591-2431 [email protected]
    Colliers International Erin Corrie Senior Director (757) 441-3636 [email protected]
    Colliers International Austin Newman (804) 591-2402 [email protected]
    Colliers International John Lesinski Sr Vice President (703) 394-4800 [email protected]
    Colliers International Tyler Miller Associate (804) 591-2410 [email protected]
    Colliers International Lynn McDaniel Vice President, Marketing | Richmond (804) 788-1000 [email protected]
    Colliers International Malcolm Bates Director | Richmond (804) 591-2414 [email protected]
    Colliers International Frank Galleher Senior Associate (804) 591-2430 [email protected]
    Colliers International Scott White Senior Vice President (804) 591-2416 [email protected]
    Colliers International John Lesinski (703) 394-4846 [email protected]
    Colliers International David Williams Managing Director and CEO (804) 591-2405 [email protected]
    Colonial Heights City Daniel Hoogenboom Community/Economic Development Specialist (804) 520-9297 [email protected]
    Colonial Heights City Scott Davis Director of Planning & Community Development (804) 520-9275 [email protected]
    Colonial Heights City Karen Epps Economic Development Director (804) 520-9275 [email protected]
    Colonial Realty & Property Management Colby Cumber (757) 291-3323
    Columbia Gas of Virginia Paula Lowry New Business Development Manager (804) 768-6410 [email protected]
    Columbia Gas of Virginia Bob Williams New Business Development Manager (540) 368-3216 [email protected]
    Columbia Gas of Virginia Timothy Vaughan New Business Development Manager (804) 777-3064 [email protected]
    Columbia Gas of Virginia Brent Archer President (804) 768-6410 [email protected]
    Comcast Business Jay Howren Enterprise Account Executive (804) 915-5439 [email protected]
    Comcast Business Rob Omberg Vice President, State Legislative Affairs (804) 915-5439 [email protected]
    Commercial Group Realty Thomas Hertel Vice President (703) 544-1013 [email protected]
    Commercial Group Realty David Austin Vice President (703) 544-1013 [email protected]
    Commercial Group Realty David Gunter President & Managing Principal (703) 544-1013 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing Alicia Durham Manager of Administration (804) 722-3702 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing Bruce Sobczak Director, Workforce Development (804) 722-3705 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing Joe Anwyl Director of Economic Development (804) 722-3703 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Center for Advanced Manufacturing William Powers President and Chief Executive Officer (703) 906-5096 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Neil Cramsey Principal Broker (703) 679-1756 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Tucker Dowdy (804) 228-4932 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Butch Wilberger (804) 433-1819 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Hank Campbell First Vice President (804) 433-1818 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Evan Ocheltree Sales & Leasing Associate (804) 228-4930
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Morgan Trible (804) 433-1822
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Mark Claud President (804) 433-1803 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Russell Wyatt Vice President/Partner (804) 433-1817 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Fred Smith Sales & Leasing Associate (804) 346-4966 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Jim McVey (804) 433-1824
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Carl Blackwell Senior Vice President/Partner (804) 433-1820 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. C. Ryan Fanelli First Vice President (804) 228-4937 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Middleton Smith (804) 793-0061 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Chris Jenkins Sales & Leasing Associate (804) 228-4928 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. William Barnett Senior Vice President/Partner (804) 433-1821 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Fred Plaisted (804) 228-4933 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Craig Cope (804) 346-4966 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Joe Buhrman Senior Sales & Leasing Associate (804) 433-1811 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Sam Worley Senior Vice President/Partner (804) 433-1813 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Commercial Partners, Inc. Jamie Galanti Sales & Leasing Associate (804) 346-4966 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Regional Council (Virginia's Heartland) Andre Gilliam Community Development Planner (434) 392-6104 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Regional Council (Virginia's Heartland) Mary Hickman Executive Director (434) 392-6104 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Regional Council (Virginia's Heartland) Melody Foster Regional Planner (434) 392-6104 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Regional Council (Virginia's Heartland) Todd Fortune Community Development Planner (434) 392-6104 [email protected]
    Commonwealth Storage Corporation John Sims (757) 539-2301 [email protected]
    Community Electric Cooperative Kenny Bunch Director of Business Development & Special Projects (757) 242-6181 [email protected]
    Community Electric Cooperative Steven Harmon President (757) 242-6181 [email protected]
    Community Futures Neal Barber President (804) 758-0640 [email protected]
    Community Realty Company Dennis Burke (301) 441-3434 [email protected]
    Consensus Real Estate Don Pendleton (434) 846-6585 [email protected]
    Continental Realty Services, Inc. Cathy Peate Property Management (757) 491-2640 [email protected]
    CoreSite Realty Corporation Cameron Richardson Director of Sales (571) 612-7169 [email protected]
    CoreSite Realty Corporation Juan Font VP/GM, Eastern Region (703) 391-5985 [email protected]
    Cornerstone Commercial Real Estate Corporation Kevin Gray (804) 248-7080 [email protected]
    CoStar Group Brian Radecki CFO (301) 664 9132
    CoStar Group Andrew Florance President and Chief Executive Officer (301) 215-8300
    Cottonwood Commercial Barry Suttles Associate Broker (540) 246-5666 [email protected]
    Cottonwood Commercial Be Tran (540) 437-3543 [email protected]
    Cottonwood Commercial Butch Strawderman (540) 437-3542 [email protected]
    Cottonwood Commercial Tim Reamer (540) 437-3680 [email protected]
    Cottonwood Commercial Keith May (540) 437-3560 [email protected]
    Cottonwood Commercial Ken Kline (540) 437-3570 [email protected]
    Cottonwood Commercial Timothy Peters (540) 437-3573 [email protected]
    Cottonwood Commercial Greg Keeler (540) 437-3650 [email protected]
    Cottonwood Commercial Jason Song (540) 437-3676 [email protected]
    Countryside Service Company Jeremy Vogan (540) 487-0480 [email protected]
    Covenant Commercial Group Gregory Little (423) 956-2131
    Covington City Richard Douglas City Manager (540) 965-6300 [email protected]
    Covington City Eric Tyree Building/Zoning Official (540) 965-6356 [email protected]
    Cowan Realty Adrianna Cowan-Waddy (540) 672-1100
    Cozart Rental Warehouses Jim Cozart (276) 628-9270
    Cozart Rental Warehouses Edward Cozart (276) 628-9270
    Craig County Clay Goodman County Administrator (540) 864-5010 [email protected]
    Craig County Suzanne Holth Administrative Assistant (540) 864-5010 [email protected]
    Craig-Botetourt Electric Cooperative Shawn Hildebrand CEO (540) 864-5121 [email protected]
    Crater Planning District Commission Dennis Morris Executive Director (804) 861-1666 [email protected]
    Crawford Real Estate Services Bob Crawford Owner/Realtor (540) 527-1240 [email protected]
    Crenshaw Realty Properties Hatcher Crenshaw (804) 288-3189
    Cresa Washington DC Lauren Berkey (301) 841-6511 [email protected]
    Cresa Washington DC Gene Sachs (301) 841-6512 [email protected]
    Crewe Town Phil Miskovic Chairman, Economic Development Committee (434) 645-9453 [email protected]
    Cross Realty Harry Cross Broker/Owner (757) 539-2111 [email protected]
    Cross Realty Lee Cross (757) 539-2111 [email protected]
    CSX Real Property Richard Sibley Assistant Vice President - Asset Development (904) 633-4544 [email protected]
    CSX Real Property Michael Rutherford Director Voice of the Customer (904) 633-1124 [email protected]
    CSX Real Property Carl Warren Director Porst and Industrial Development (904) 833-1139 [email protected]
    CSX Real Property Vance Bennett Director Port Development & Strategy (904) 633-1122 [email protected]
    CSX Real Property Robert Yarlott Manager, International Business Development (410) 368-4732 [email protected]
    CSX Real Property Aubrey Brown Regional Development (904) 366-4740 [email protected]
    CSX Real Property Katie Brunnworth Manager, Start up and Intergration (404) 367-2936 [email protected]
    CSX Real Property Kevin Hurley Director of Sales & Leasing (904) 633-4544 [email protected]
    CSX Transportation Randolph Marcus Resident Vice President - Virginia (804) 916-1532 [email protected]
    CSX Transportation Jim Van Derzee Industrial Development Manager (804) 226-7504 [email protected]
    Culpeper County Phil Sheridan Economic Development Director (540) 727-3410 [email protected]
    Culpeper County Lori Loy Business Development Coordinator (540) 727-3410 [email protected]
    Culpeper County John Egertson County Administrator (540) 727-3410 [email protected]
    Culpeper Town Paige Read Director of Tourism and Economic Development (540) 727-0611 [email protected]
    Cumberland County Vivian Giles County Administrator (804) 492-3625 [email protected]
    Cumberland County Roxanne Lewis Salerno Senior Executive Assistant (804) 492-3625 [email protected]
    Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission Larry Carr Assistant Executive Director (276) 889-1778 [email protected]
    Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission James Baldwin Executive Director (276) 889-1778 [email protected]
    Cushman & Wakefield David Scully Vice President (703) 770-3408 [email protected]
    Cushman & Wakefield Drew Evans Brokerage Associate (703) 847-2788 [email protected]
    Cushman & Wakefield Jon Lawrence Senior Director (703) 847-2787 [email protected]
    Cushman & Wakefield Chris Darling Vice President (703) 770-3442 [email protected]
    Cushman & Wakefield Matt Bundy Senior Vice President (703) 847-2767 [email protected]
    Cushman & Wakefield A.J. Wood (703) 847-2721 [email protected]
    Cushman & Wakefield Scott Goldberg (703) 770-3467 [email protected]
    Cushman & Wakefield Spencer Stouffer (703) 770-3462 [email protected]
    Cushman & Wakefield Tim Summers (703) 770-3429 [email protected]
    Cushman & Wakefield Eric Berlin Senior Director (703) 847-2726 [email protected]
    D. D. Jones Transfer & Warehouse Company, Inc. Robert Jones President (757) 494-0281 [email protected]
    Daniel Corporation Jeffrey Ahearn Director - Richmond (804) 780-3030 [email protected]
    Danville City Laura Ashworth Marketing & Research Manager (434) 793-1753 [email protected]
    Danville City Telly Tucker Economic Development Director (434) 793-1753 [email protected]
    Danville City Joyce Obstler Assistant Director, Information Technology (434) 799-5205 [email protected]
    Danville City Kimberly Custer Special Projects Assistant (434) 793-1753 [email protected]
    Danville City Inez Rodenburg Information Technology Director (434) 793-1753 [email protected]
    Danville City Corrie Teague Assistant Director (434) 793-1753 [email protected]
    Danville City Ken Larking City Manager (434) 793-1753 [email protected]
    Danville City Linwood Wright Public and Governmental Affairs Consultant (434) 793-1753 [email protected]
    Dash Development, LLC/Dash Realty Investments, LLC Doug Aronson (757) 287-1490 [email protected]
    Data Center Brokers Bob Dubke Broker (507) 398-5964 [email protected]
    Davenport & Company LLC Roland Kooch Vice President (804) 697-2906 [email protected]
    Davenport & Company LLC Shane Cason Vice President of Investments (804) 780-2159 [email protected]
    David C. Snipes Realtor David Snipes (804) 412-1980 [email protected]
    DBKP LLC Karl Johnson (804) 691-2918 [email protected]
    DBT Development Group, LLC David Tolson Managing Member (202) 546-0640
    Decorating Den Interiors Peter Lowry (757) 630-8719 [email protected]
    Delmarva Power Dave Sneeringer (302) 283-6037 [email protected]
    Deloitte Tax LLP David Vistica Director, Multistate Tax Services (202) 370-2268 [email protected]
    Design Architectural Services, Inc. Bill Beigle (757) 651-6502 [email protected]
    Devon USA, LLC Ed Mitchell Managing Director (804) 643-3187 [email protected]
    Devon USA, LLC Michael Dening Principal (804) 643-3187 [email protected]
    Dewberry Darren Conner President (434) 797-4497 [email protected]
    Dewberry Shawn Harden Project Manager (434) 797-4497 [email protected]
    Dickenson County David Moore County Administrator (276) 926-1699 [email protected]
    Dickenson County Industrial Development Authority Mitzi Sykes Director (276) 926-1699 [email protected]
    Dinwiddie County Cierra Goode Marketing Coordinator (804) 469-4500 [email protected]
    Dinwiddie County Tammie J. Collins Division Chief of Planning & Community Development (804) 469-4500 [email protected]
    Dinwiddie County W. Kevin Massengill County Administrator (804) 469-4500 [email protected]
    Dinwiddie County Morgan Ingram Economic Development Director (804) 265-1233 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. David Bickford Retail Sales and Leasing Associate (757) 497-2113 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Jay Burnell Vice President of Retail Sales and Leasing (757) 497-2113 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Brett Womack McNamee Senior Vice President (804) 643-4700 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Aeri Jai Associate Broker (757) 873-4700 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Chris Bendit Senior Leasing & Sales Associate (757) 873-4700 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Debbie Wake Senior Vice President (804) 643-4700 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Sandy Cohen Chief Operating Officer (757) 497-2113 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Eric Bucklew Vice President (757) 497-2113 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Erica Meekins Vice President (757) 497-2113 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Erica Rorrer (757) 497-2113 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. John Madures (804) 643-4700 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. David Redmond Assistant Vice President of Retail Sales and Leasing (757) 497-2113 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Michael Divaris President (757) 497-2113 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Eric Hammond (757) 333-4302 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Levi Thomson Vice President, Associate Broker (757) 333-4382 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Vivian Turok Senior Vice President (757) 497-2113 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. John Knibb Senior Vice President (757) 497-2113 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Karen Beale Principal, Virginia Peninsula Office (757) 873-4700 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. George Fox (757) 333-4380 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Read Goode (804) 335-0554 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Katherine Olson (757) 333-4357 [email protected]
    Divaris Real Estate, Inc. Krista Costa (757) 497-2113 [email protected]
    Diversified Distribution, Inc. Doug Lawrie Vice President (276) 956-2179 dlawrie[email protected]
    Dominion Capital Partners Bill Roach (757) 961-0067 [email protected]
    Dominion Commercial Nathan Jones (855) 530-2300 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Bryan Smith Economic Development Manager (804) 771-3423 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Charles Donato External Affairs Manager/Fredericksburg & Northern Neck (804) 771-4502 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Max Bartholomew Manager, Eastern Regional State & Local Affairs (757) 671-3401 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Becky Merritt Director, Customer Care & Energy Management (804) 755-5445 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Jennifer Cormier Vendor Relations Manager (804) 771-3655 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Scott Reamy Sr. Economic Development Specialist for DC (571) 203-5257 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Emil Avram Director, Business Development (804) 819-2551 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Iris Holliday Manager, Regional, State & Local Affairs (804) 755-5591 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy William T. Key Account Development Specialist (571) 203-5156 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Melanie Beale External Affairs Manager (757) 898-2683 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy James Beazley External Affairs Manager (804) 775-5942 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy David Shuford Director, Policy and Business Evaluation (804) 819-2551 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy William Murray Managing Director, Corporate Public Policy (804) 819-2551 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Guy Chapman Director of Renewable Energy Research (804) 819-2806 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Steven Eisenrauch Electric Transmission Forestry & Line Service (804) 257-4058 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy F. Scott Reed External Affairs Representative (804) 755-5173 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Jen Kostyniuk External Affairs Manager (804) 755-5426 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy R. Kent Hill Senior Economic Development Manager (804) 771-4987 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Andrew Iracane Senior Economic Development Specialist (804) 771-6510 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Emmett Toms External Affairs Manager (540) 245-4101 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Earnest Greene External Affairs Manager (804) 862-6070 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Stan Blackwell Director - Customer Service & Strategic Partnerships (804) 771-3558 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Salud Goodin Senior Business Development Analyst (804) 819-2935 [email protected]
    Dominion Energy Phil Powell Director of Grid Operations (804) 819-2551 [email protected]
    Dominion Partners, LLC Michael Campbell Principal - Virginia (804) 780-3030
    Dominion Property Management Jim Lutz (373) 498-0303
    Dominion Transmission, Inc. Lyle Henry Manager, Gas Business Development/Power Generation Solutions (804) 771-4734 [email protected]
    Donohoe Real Estate Services Lou Capannelli Vice President (703) 627-0766 [email protected]
    Donohoe Real Estate Services Kay Patterson Leasing & Sales Associate (703) 525-4864 [email protected]
    Donohoe Real Estate Services Chuck Matincheck Senior Vice President (703) 525-4857 [email protected]
    Douglas Development Corporation Norman Jemal Principal & Senior Vice Preisdent (804) 638-6300 [email protected]
    Downer & Associates Benton Downer Owner & Principal Broker (434) 296-0545 [email protected]
    Downer & Associates Bill Downer Agent (434) 296-0545 [email protected]
    Draper Aden Associates Deborah Flippo (540) 557-1310 [email protected]
    Draper Aden Associates Jeffrey (Jeff) Nelson Business Development Manager 804 264 2228 [email protected]
    Draper Aden Associates Richard DiSalvo, Vice President 540 552 0444 [email protected]
    Draper Aden Associates Randall Hancock Project Manager 540 552 0444 [email protected]
    Draper Aden Associates Jeffrey Lighthiser Vice President 804 264 2228 [email protected]
    Draper Aden Associates Dennis Murray Business Development Manager (804) 237-1815 [email protected]
    Drodio Real Estate, Inc. Giovanna Piskulich (571) 606-4294 [email protected]
    Drucker & Falk, LLC Lynn Blackwell (757) 873-1401
    Drucker & Falk, LLC Mac Houtz Realtor (757) 873-1401
    Dublin Town William Parker Town Manager (540) 674-4798 [email protected]
    Duke Realty Corporation Matthew Bremner Senior Leasing Representative (703) 578-7755 [email protected]
    Duke Realty Corporation Battista Orcino Vice President (703) 758-2285 [email protected]
    Dumbarton Properties Incorporated Beverly Webb Vice President (804) 266-4969 [email protected]
    E. L. Maxwell Properties Ed Maxwell (757) 438-6587
    Eagle Commercial Realty Harrison Hall (804) 217-6903 [email protected]
    Eagle Commercial Realty Peter Vick (804) 217-6905 [email protected]
    Eagle Commercial Realty Jeff Doxey (804) 217-6904 [email protected]
    East Coast Realty Ivy Williams (757) 435-7952 [email protected]
    EDGE Commercial Real Estate Cory Hoffman Vice President (703) 334-5612 [email protected]
    EDGE Commercial Real Estate Joshua Katz Vice President (703) 334-5608 [email protected]
    Elam & Funston, Inc. David Andrews (804) 272-2000
    Elkton Town Wayne Printz Mayor/Acting Town Manager (540) 298-1951
    Emerald Construction Gib DeShazo Owner, President (804) 747-4854 [email protected]
    Emerald Construction Franci Lucas Vice President, Business Development (804) 747-4854 [email protected]
    Emerson Companies Matthew Coyner (804) 530-4614 [email protected]
    Emporia City Brian Thrower City Manager (434) 634-3332 [email protected]
    Emporia City Beverley Hawthorne Community & Economic Development Manager (434) 634-3332 [email protected]
    Enterprise Properties, LLC Robert Dittmar (434) 817-7249 [email protected]
    Equity Xchange David Francis (757) 876-5419 [email protected]
    ERA Beasley Realty Michael Beasley (540) 459-2123 [email protected]
    ERA Real Estate Professionals Joseph Turner (757) 636-2773
    ERA Real Estate Professionals Brenda Williams (757) 426-1600 [email protected]
    ERA Real Estate Professionals Cheryl Huotte (757) 426-1600
    ERA Woody Hogg & Associates Fred Ellis (804) 559-4644 [email protected]
    ERA Woody Hogg & Associates Sonny Haynes (804) 427-5136 [email protected]
    Essex County Timothy Wilson County Administrator (804) 443-4331 [email protected]
    Essex County Trenton Funkhouser Economic Development Director (804) 443-3258 [email protected]
    Essex County Charles Huntley Director of Information Technology (804) 443-8154 [email protected]
    Eure Real Estate Bellamy Eure Zydron (757) 539-9391
    Exit Realty Central Amber McCormick (757) 466-1009 [email protected]
    Exit Realty Central Kimberly Plourde Owner/Broker (757) 371-9145 [email protected]
    Exit Realty Central Lori Montross (757) 371-9145 [email protected]
    Exit Realty Central Timothy Churchwell Director of Commercial and Special Markets (757) 371-9145 [email protected]
    Exit Realty Central Ronda Morrison (757) 407-7782
    Fairfax City Robert Sisson City Manager (703) 385-7850 [email protected]
    Fairfax City Christopher Bruno Director of Economic Development (703) 385-7862 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority John Bumpus Associate, Marketing/Research (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority David Kelley Business Development Manager (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Alan Fogg Vice President of Communications (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Jatinder Kaur Khosla Business Development, Europe (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Rachel Adler (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Theresa Rhodes Business Research (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Cheryl Martelli Executive Assistant (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Gerald Gordon President & CEO (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Bill Webb Market Research (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Debra Claire Business Development Manager (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Donna Hurwitt Director, Market Intelligence (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Jan Mul Director, International Marketing (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Rodney Lusk Director, National Marketing (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Asher Kotz Business Development, India and Israel (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Anne Rosenblum Capital Attraction; Life Sciences (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Catherine Riley Vice President of Marketing (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Barbara Carpenter Community Outreach (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Karen Smaw Director, Business Diversity (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Andrew Yu Business Development, Asia (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Fairfax County Economic Development Authority Curt Hoffman Commercial Real Estate Services Director (703) 790-0600 [email protected]
    Falls Church City F. Wyatt Shields City Manager (703) 248-5491 [email protected]
    Falls Church City Richard Goff Director of Economic Development (703) 248-5491 [email protected]
    Falls Church City James Snyder Director of Planning & Development Services (703) 248-5004 [email protected]
    Farms and Acreage, Inc. Guy Gravett Principal Broker, Owner (703) 591-7020 [email protected]
    Fauquier County Catherine Payne Tourism Coordinator (540) 422-8270 [email protected]
    Fauquier County Beverly Pullen Business Coordinator (540) 422-8270 [email protected]
    Fauquier County Catherine Heritage Deputy County Administrator (540) 422-8001 [email protected]
    Fauquier County Paul McCulla County Administrator (540) 422-8600 [email protected]
    Fauquier County Miles Friedman Director of Economic Development (540) 422-8270 [email protected]
    Federal Realty Investment Trust Richard Abruscato (301) 998-8188
    First Dominion Realty Sung Bahk (540) 948-4040 [email protected]
    First Industrial Realty Trust, Inc. Jeffrey Thomas Regional Director (717) 657-0372 [email protected]
    First Potomac Realty Trust Ed Zaptin Vice President, Leasing, Northern Virginia (703) 656-2077 [email protected]
    First Potomac Realty Trust Tony Beck (757) 424-8844 [email protected]
    First Potomac Realty Trust David Colvin Leasing Representative (703) 656-2083 [email protected]
    First Williamsburg Realty, Ltd. Shannon Shojan (757) 566-4499
    Flint Property Group Nathaniel Perrow (434) 386-3000 [email protected]
    Floyd County Cynthia Ryan Assistant County Administrator (540) 745-9300 [email protected]
    Floyd County Lydeana Martin Community and Economic Development Director (540) 745-9300 [email protected]
    Floyd County John Beegel Community & Economic Development Director (540) 745-9300 [email protected]
    Floyd County Terri Morris County Administrator (540) 745-9300 [email protected]
    Fluvanna County Steven Nichols County Administrator (434) 591-1910 [email protected]
    Fluvanna County Jason Smith Economic Development Director (434) 591-1910 [email protected]
    Forest City Commercial Management Donna Bearman (804) 288-1555 [email protected]
    Fort Monroe Authority G. Glenn Oder Executive Director (757) 251-2755 [email protected]
    Fortune Realty Ramona Simmons (276) 964-6507
    Foster Warehouse Peter Foster (804) 643-0611
    Francis Realtors Will Trinkle President (540) 342-3161 [email protected]
    Francisco, Robinson and Associates, Inc. Paul Robinson Broker (804) 966-2388 [email protected]
    Franklin City Randy Martin City Manager (757) 562-8503 [email protected]
    Franklin County Christopher Whitlow Assistant County Administrator (540) 483-3030 [email protected]
    Franklin County Michael Burnette Economic Development Director (540) 483-3030 [email protected]
    Franklin County Brent Robertson County Administrator (540) 483-3030 [email protected]
    Franklin County David Rotenizer Tourism Development Manager (540) 483-3030 [email protected]
    Franklin Southampton Economic Development , Inc. Mallory Taylor (757) 562-1958 [email protected]
    Franklin Southampton Economic Development , Inc. Becky Felts Administrative Assistant (757) 562-1958 [email protected]
    Franklin Southampton Economic Development , Inc. Amanda Jarratt President & CEO (757) 516-7709 [email protected]
    Frederick County Brenda Garton County Administrator (804) 693-4042 [email protected]
    Frederick County Economic Development Authority Ashley Shickle Market Intelligence Associate (540) 665-0973 [email protected]
    Frederick County Economic Development Authority Wendy May Marketing Manager (540) 665-0973 [email protected]
    Frederick County Economic Development Authority Brandie Place Business Development Specialist (540) 665-0973 [email protected]
    Frederick County Economic Development Authority Patrick Barker Executive Director (540) 665-0973 [email protected]
    Frederick County Economic Development Authority Sally Michaels Existing Business Coordinator (540) 665-0973 [email protected]
    Fredericksburg City Angela Freeman Business Development Manager (540) 372-1216 [email protected]
    Fredericksburg City Amy Peregoy Marketing and Information Specialist (540) 372-1216 [email protected]
    Fredericksburg City Timothy Baroody City Manager (540) 372-1010 [email protected]
    Fredericksburg City Bill Freehling Interim Director/Assistant Director for Economic Development (540) 372-1216 [email protected]
    Fredericksburg City Danelle Rose Office Assistant (540) 372-1216 [email protected]
    Fredericksburg Regional Alliance Kellyn Staneart Investor & Administrative Support Specialist (540) 361-7373 [email protected]
    Fredericksburg Regional Alliance Nick Minor Communication & Research Manager (540) 361-7373 [email protected]
    Fredericksburg Regional Alliance Todd Gillingham Vice President, Marketing and Operations (540) 361-7373 [email protected]
    Fredericksburg Regional Alliance Curry Roberts President (540) 361-7373 [email protected]
    Frith Construction Jim Frith (276) 632-7241 [email protected]
    Froehling & Robertson Scott Sutton Director of Business Development (804) 264-2701 [email protected]
    Froehling & Robertson Virginia Insley Marketing Coordinator (540) 891-2771 [email protected]
    Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority Jennifer McDonald Executive Director (540) 635-2182 [email protected]
    Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority Marla Taylor Jones Director of Marketing & Business Development (540) 635-2182 [email protected]
    Fulton Hill Properties, LLC Jon Ondrak Chief of Operations (804) 226-9555 [email protected]
    Fulton Hill Properties, LLC Paul Bratton (804) 226-9555
    G.M. Hock Construction, Inc. Steven Hubrich Vice President (919) 471-2895 [email protected]
    Galax City Keith E. Barker City Manager (276) 236-5773 [email protected]
    Galax City C.M. Mitchell Mayor (276) 236-4981 [email protected]
    Garrett Development Mike Ziegler (540) 659-6172
    Gary W. Case and Company, Inc. Gary Case President (434) 847-6692 [email protected]
    Gator Investments Christina Ladd-Comacho Realtor (305) 949-9049 [email protected]
    Gene Tilles Real Estate Gene Tilles (540) 377-2345 [email protected]
    GENEDGE Alliance Bill Donohue President, Executive Director (276) 666-8890 [email protected]
    GENEDGE Alliance Cindy Glisson Vice President of Operations (804) 323-2226 [email protected]
    GENEDGE Alliance Aimee McCarthy Marketing Director, Central & Eastern Virginia (804) 323-2226 [email protected]
    General Land Company of Virginia, Inc. Michael Carroll (804) 359-3575 [email protected]
    Gentry Commercial Real Estate Chris Gentry Vice President (434) 485-8901 [email protected]
    George H. Rucker Realty Corporation Thomas Light (703) 890-1088 [email protected]
    George Washington Regional Commission Tim Ware Executive Director (540) 373-2890 [email protected]
    GHWINGFIELD Consulting, LLC Greg Wingfield Consultant (804) 640-5382 [email protected]
    Giles County Melissa Bray Executive Assistant (540) 921-2525 [email protected]
    Giles County Chris McKlarney County Administrator (540) 921-2525 [email protected]
    Giles County Cora Gnegy Tourism Marketing Director (540) 921-2079 [email protected]
    Giles County Jenny McCoy Director, Community Service Programs (540) 921-2525 [email protected]
    Giles County Gina Franklin Public Works & Emergency Services (540) 921-2525 [email protected]
    Gittleson Zuppas Medical Realty Andrew Papantoniou (301) 961-1941 [email protected]
    Givens, Inc. Ed Reed President (757) 233-4300 [email protected]
    Givens, Inc. Lee Watkins General Manager (757) 233-4300 [email protected]
    Givens, Inc. Allen Campbell National Accounts Executive (757) 233-4353 [email protected]
    Glerin Business Resources, Inc. Lisa Kipps-Brown President & CEO (888) 318-2795 [email protected]
    Gloucester County Brent Fedors County Administrator (804) 693-4042 [email protected]
    Gloucester County Linda Evans Economic Development Coordinator (804) 693-1415 [email protected]
    Gloucester County Sherry Spring Director of Economic Development (804) 693-1414 [email protected]
    Goochland County Matthew Ryan Director of Economic Development (804) 556-5862 [email protected]
    Goochland County Lisa Beczkiewicz Economic Development Assistant (804) 556-5861 [email protected]
    Goochland County Mark Troy Programmer (804) 556-5808 [email protected]
    Gordonsville Preservation Associates Brian Robinson (540) 832-7171
    Graham L. Nelson Sr. Realtor Graham Lee Nelson Realtor (540) 664-3600 [email protected]
    Grant Massie Land Company Ned Massie (804) 750-1200 [email protected]
    Grant Massier Gallier Shields Jett Associate Broker (804) 750-1200
    Grant Massier Gallier Edmond Massie (804) 750-1200
    Grayson County Mitchell Smith Deputy County Administrator (276) 773-7421 [email protected]
    Grayson County William Shepley County Administrator (276) 773-2471 [email protected]
    Great South Realty Mark Daniel (804) 539-6521 [email protected]
    Greater Richmond Partnership Charles Peterson Vice President of Business Information (804) 643-3227 [email protected]
    Greater Richmond Partnership Olga Molnar Vice President, Global Investment (804) 643-3227 [email protected]
    Greater Richmond Partnership Rowena Fratarcangelo Vice President, Business Development (804) 643-3227 [email protected]
    Greater Richmond Partnership Marissa Parker GIS Business Information Specialist (804) 343-6979 [email protected]
    Greater Richmond Partnership Anita Saunders Operations Manager (804) 643-3227 [email protected]
    Greater Richmond Partnership Kastle Aschliman Investor Relations Manager (804) 643-3227 [email protected]
    Greater Richmond Partnership Bethany Miller Vice President of Business Development (804) 343-6968 [email protected]
    Greater Richmond Partnership Barry Matherly President & CEO (804) 343-6970 [email protected]
    Greater Richmond Partnership Grace Festa Business Development Manager (804) 643-3227 [email protected]
    Greater Richmond Partnership Michael Ivey Marketing & Communications Director (804) 643-3227 [email protected]
    Greater Washington Partnership TJ Ducklo Media Contact (615) 478-1721 [email protected]
    Greater Washington Partnership Jenny Kaplan VP for Engagement & External Affairs (202) 871-9903 [email protected]
    Greater Washington Partnership Jason Miller Chief Executive Officer (202) 765-2024 [email protected]
    Greater Williamsburg Partnership David Denny Executive Director (844) 497-2020 [email protected]
    Green Commercial Realty, Inc. Michael Green (423) 282-1176 [email protected]
    Greenberg Gibbons Carol Diedtrich (410) 559-2500 [email protected]
    Greenberg Gibbons Mark Bomsy Agent (800) 899-8370 [email protected]
    Greene County Bart Svoboda Planning Director/Zoning Administrator (434) 985-5280 [email protected]
    Greene County Tracy Morris Deputy County Administrator (434) 985-5201 [email protected]
    Greene County John Barkley County Administrator (434) 985-5201 [email protected]
    Greene County Economic Development & Tourism Michele Wallace Tourist Office Manager (434) 985-6663 [email protected]
    Greene County Economic Development & Tourism Alan Yost Director (434) 985-6663 [email protected]
    Greene County Economic Development & Tourism Diana Gamma Office Manager (434) 985-6663 [email protected]
    Greenhill Realty Company Kathy Coakley Vice President, Operations (301) 657-2525 [email protected]
    Greensville County Linwood Pope Planning Director (434) 348-4205 [email protected]
    Greensville County Natalie Slate Director, Economic Development (434) 348-4205 [email protected]
    Greensville County David Whittington County Administrator (434) 348-4205 [email protected]
    Greg Garrett Realty Greg Garrett (757) 357-2112
    Greg Garrett Realty Gerrie Leek (757) 534-7500 [email protected]
    H. S. Williams Company, Inc. Marty Britt President (540) 783-3185 [email protected]
    Hackney Real Estate Partners Roby Hackney (804) 288-3081 [email protected]
    Halifax County James Halasz County Administrator (434) 476-3300 [email protected]
    Halifax County Industrial Development Authority Kristy Johnson Manager of Marketing & Business Development (434) 572-1734 [email protected]
    Halifax County Industrial Development Authority Matthew Leonard Executive Director (434) 572-1734 [email protected]
    Hall Associates, Inc. Stuart Meredith President/Managing Broker (540) 982-0011 [email protected]
    Hall Associates, Inc. Tom Turner Senior Associate Broker (540) 982-0011 [email protected]
    Hall Associates, Inc. Ed Hall Chairman (540) 982-0011 [email protected]
    Hall Associates, Inc. Christopher Nelson Sales Associate (540) 982-0011 [email protected]
    Hall Associates, Inc. Fred Thomas Senior Sales Associate (540) 982-0011 [email protected]
    Hall Associates, Inc. James Hodges Senior Sales Associate (540) 982-0011 [email protected]
    Hall Associates, Inc. Lynn Hall Vice President of Residential (540) 982-0011 [email protected]
    Hall Associates, Inc. Don Moore (540) 381-9000 [email protected]
    Hall Associates, Inc. Bill Poe Executive Vice President (540) 982-0011 [email protected]
    Hall Associates, Inc. Danielle Poe Sales Associate (540) 982-0011 [email protected]
    Hall Associates, Inc. Frank Martin (540) 982-0011 [email protected]
    Hamner Development Company William Hamner President & CEO (757) 873-1777 [email protected]
    Hamner Development Company Max Miller Vice President, Property Manager (757) 873-1777 [email protected]
    Hamner Development Company Michael Miller (757) 873-1777 [email protected]
    Hampton City Mike Yaskowsky Senior Business Development Manager (757) 728-5166 [email protected]
    Hampton City Mary Bunting City Manager (757) 727-6392 [email protected]
    Hampton City Steven Lynch Senior Business Development Manager (757) 728-5168 [email protected]
    Hampton City Jessica Spencer Minority Buisness Coordinator (757) 727-6237 [email protected]
    Hampton City Kacy Williams Administrative Assistant (757) 728-5140 [email protected]
    Hampton City Daniel Girouard Asset Manager (757) 728-5169 [email protected]
    Hampton City Susan Borland Senior Business Development Manager (757) 728-5149 [email protected]
    Hampton City Pamela Croom Contract Compliance Specialist (757) 728-5173 [email protected]
    Hampton City Leonard Sledge Director of Economic Development (757) 728-5165 [email protected]
    Hampton City Teresa Hudgins Administrative & Financial Manager (757) 728-5162 [email protected]
    Hampton City Terry O'Neill Planning Director (757) 727-6237 [email protected]
    Hampton City Terri McCann Business Development Manager (757) 728-5122 [email protected]
    Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance Laura Hayes Director Business Development (757) 627-2315 [email protected]
    Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance Rick Weddle President & CEO (757) 627-2315 [email protected]
    Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance Adelaide Gilmore Administrative Assistant (757) 627-2315 [email protected]
    Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance Eric Miller Executive Vice President of Business Development (757) 664-2631 [email protected]
    Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance Chad Matheson Director Business Intelligence (757) 627-2315 [email protected]
    Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance Shannon Kendrick Sr. Vice President Marketing, Communications & Operations (757) 627-2315 [email protected]
    Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance Jillian Goodwin Associate Director Marketing, Communications & Operations (757) 627-2315 [email protected]
    Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance Amy Parkhurst Senior Vice President (757) 627-2315 [email protected]
    Hampton Roads Planning District Commission Dwight Farmer Executive Director (757) 420-8300 [email protected]
    Hampton Roads Planning District Commission Greg Grootendorst Chief Economist (757) 420-8300 [email protected]
    Hampton Roads Repackaging Herbert Halley (757) 487-9434
    Hanover County Jonathan Steele IT/GIS Manager (804) 365-6464 [email protected]
    Hanover County Cecil Harris County Administrator (804) 365-6000 [email protected]
    Hanover County E. Linwood Thomas Economic Development Director (804) 365-6458 [email protected]
    Hanover County Chris Ingram Existing Business Manager (804) 365-6464 [email protected]
    Hanover County Susan Deusebio Deputy Director of Economic Development (804) 365-6464 [email protected]
    Harbor Group International Mark Mulvaney (757) 961-2080 [email protected]
    Harbor Group International Robert Friedman Managing Director (757) 640-0800 [email protected]
    Harman Construction, Inc. Steve Nesselrodt Project Manager (540) 434-4459 [email protected]
    Harris Law Firm John Harris (540) 371-4941 [email protected]
    Harrison and Lear, Inc. Michael Kwiatek (757) 825-9100 [email protected]
    Harrisonburg City Brian Shull Economic Development Director (540) 432-7736 [email protected]
    Harrisonburg City Peirce Macgill Assistant Director (540) 432-7701 [email protected]
    Harrisonburg City Ande Banks Director of Special Projects & Grant Management (540) 432-7701 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Jimmy Smith Sales Representative (757) 640-8700 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Gene Worley Senior Vice President, Partner (757) 640-8206 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Glenn Gibson Senior Vice President (757) 640-8224 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Jim Owens Senior Vice President (757) 640-8233 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Bob Acey Associate Broker (757) 640-8222 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Peter Abraham Senior Vice President (757) 640-8226 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Mike McCabe Office Leasing and Sales (757) 416-7003 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Kimberly Worley Senior Vice President (757) 640-8227 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Charlie Burroughs (757) 416-7001 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Lindsay Bilisoly Senior Vice President (757) 640-8234 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Chip Worley Senior Vice President (757) 640-8218 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Tammy Wallman Senior Vice President (757) 873-2020 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Barbara Chaffin General Sales (757) 416-7020 [email protected].com
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Richard Burroughs Vice Chairman (757) 640-8210 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Bob Saunders Senior Vice President (757) 640-9296 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Mike Mausteller Senior Vice President (757) 640-9285 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Matt Leffler Senior Vice President (757) 640-9284 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Susan Pender (757) 640-8700 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Bob King Executive Vice President (757) 640-8207 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Ursula Seidel (757) 640-9287 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Matt Winston (757) 640-9475 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Clark Baldwin Senior Vice President (757) 640-9290 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Larry Hecht Senor Vice President (757) 640-8230 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Tom Dunn Commercial Sales and Leasing (757) 640-9462 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Andy Stein Associate (757) 640-9763 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Jay Joseph Senior Vice President (757) 640-9289 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Alex Stern Senior Vice President (757) 640-9298 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Josh Fulton (757) 640-8214 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Trip Ferguson Senior Vice President (757) 640-9292 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Vince Hirtz (757) 640-8700 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Tricia King (757) 640-8229 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Al Carmichael Senior Vice President (757) 640-8204 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Whitney Graham Sales Associate (757) 640-8257 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Bob Beasley Senior Vice President (757) 640-8252 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate William King Senior Vice President (757) 640-8250 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Charles Dickinson Senior Vice President (757) 640-9468 [email protected]
    Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate Donald Goldberg Director of New Business Development (757) 640-8212 [email protected]
    HasBrouck Management, Inc. Stuart Rifkin (434) 295-4663 [email protected]
    HasBrouck Management, Inc. Sara Graney Schroeder Senior Associate (434) 295-4663 [email protected]
    HasBrouck Management, Inc. Lane Lindsay Bonner President (434) 295-4663 [email protected]
    Have Site Will Travel, Ltd. John Jay Schwartz Managing Director 804 740 1555 [email protected]
    Hearthside Realty Inc. Janette Whitley (757) 737-1278 [email protected]
    Henrico County William Mawyer Assistant Director of Public Utilities (804) 501-4206 [email protected]
    Henrico County Randy Silber Deputy County Manager for Community Development (804) 501-4206 [email protected]
    Henrico County John Vithoulkas County Manager (804) 501-4386 [email protected]
    Henrico County Economic Development Authority Curtis Cobert Existing Business Representative (804) 501-7252 [email protected]
    Henrico County Economic Development Authority Angela Oakes Marketing Representative (804) 501-7527 [email protected]
    Henrico County Economic Development Authority Micah Kemp Research & Real Estate Coordinator (804) 501-7654 [email protected]
    Henrico County Economic Development Authority Gary McLaren Executive Director (804) 501-7521 [email protected]
    Henrico County Economic Development Authority Felicia Ainsa Existing Business Manager (804) 501-7654 [email protected]
    Henrico County Economic Development Authority Twyla Powell Business Attraction Manager (804) 501-7796 [email protected]
    Henrico County Economic Development Authority B. Anthony Hall Deputy Director (804) 501-7523 [email protected]
    Henry Briggs & Associates, Inc. Henry Briggs Principal (804) 355-5771 [email protected]
    Henry County Tim Hall County Administrator (540) 634-4605 [email protected]
    Herndon Town Dennis Holste Economic Development Manager (703) 435-6800 [email protected]
    HFI Companies Steven Gifford (703) 569-9323 [email protected]
    HFI Companies Paul Watson Sr. (703) 373-9500 [email protected]
    Highland County Roberta Lambert County Administrator (540) 468-2347 [email protected]
    Highland County Economic Development Authority Nancy Witschey Chairman (540) 468-1922 [email protected]
    Highwoods Properties, Inc. Walton Makepeace (804) 747-7800 [email protected]
    Highwoods Properties, Inc. Jane DuFrane (804) 290-2153 [email protected]
    Highwoods Properties, Inc. Kristie Inge (804) 290-2171 [email protected]
    Hilldrup Properties, Inc. J. Eck (540) 373-8151
    Hob Sigmon Realty Hob Sigmon (804) 346-9400
    Hokanson Companies, Inc. Riley Faulk Senior Associate, Leasing & Brokerage (317) 428-4646 [email protected]
    Hollingsworth Companies Joe Hollingsworth Managing Partner (865) 457-3601 [email protected]
    Hollingsworth Companies Thomas Wortham SVP Architecture & Business Development (865) 457-3701 [email protected]
    Hometown Realty Cameron Wood (804) 565-3638 [email protected]
    Hometown Realty Todd Rogers (804) 730-7195 [email protected]
    Hopewell City Mark Haley City Manager (804) 541-2243 [email protected]
    Hopewell City Jake Elder Economic Development Assistant (804) 541-2221 [email protected]
    Hopewell City Charles Dane Assistant City Manager (804) 541-2221 [email protected]
    Hopewell Downtown Partnership Evan Kaufman Executive Director (804) 446-4847 [email protected]
    Hourigan Construction Michael Henley Client Solutions Manager (804) 282-5300 [email protected]
    Howard Hanna Real Estate Mike Grogan Associate Broker (757) 229-0550 [email protected]
    Howard Hanna Real Estate E. Dana Dickens (757) 641-8811 [email protected]
    Howard Hanna Real Estate Cathy Saccone Sales Associate (757) 357-3217 [email protected]
    Howard Hanna Real Estate Mike Vance (757) 486-2410 [email protected]
    Howard Hanna Real Estate Judy Farris Realtor (757) 595-8895 [email protected]
    Howard Hanna Real Estate Stephen Harl (757) 595-8895 [email protected]
    Howard Hanna Real Estate Steven Scott Broker (757) 595-8895 [email protected]
    Howard Hanna Real Estate Donald King (757) 285-1101 [email protected]
    Hunter Realty Alex Pomerantz (757) 472-9054 [email protected]
    Hurt & Proffitt Sharon Carney Economic Development Consultant (434) 847-7796 [email protected]
    Impera Commercial and Land Company Troy Brinkley (757) 461-7441 [email protected]
    Independence Business Center Stan Dull (703) 926-2103 [email protected]
    Indian Valley Properties, LLC John Linton (571) 213-3318 [email protected]
    Industrial TurnAround Corp. (ITAC) D. Jon Loftis Vice President Operations (804) 414-1100 [email protected]
    Interchange Terry Cunningham Sales Representative (540) 433-1900 [email protected]
    Interchange Devon Anders President and Chief Executive Officer (540) 433-1900 [email protected]
    Interchange Chris Thompson (540) 635-1970
    IRRP Commercial Real Estate Butch Milner (757) 477-2722 [email protected]
    ISIS, Inc. Shelby McCurnin (804) 762-4200
    Isle of Wight County Thomas Elder Director of Economic Development (757) 365-6251 [email protected]
    Isle of Wight County Amy Ring Planning & Zoning Director (757) 365-1969 [email protected]
    Isle of Wight County Kristine Sutphin Economic Development Coordinator (757) 365-6249 [email protected]
    Isle of Wight County Christopher Morello Assistant Director of Economic Develop,ent (757) 365-1969 [email protected]
    Isle of Wight County Randy Keaton County Administrator (757) 365-6204 [email protected]
    J.R. Gregory J.R. Gregory (423) 793-0120
    Jack Samuels Realty Jack Samuels (540) 672-3233
    James City County Bryan Hill County Administrator (757) 253-6603 [email protected]
    James City County Amy Jordan Director Economic Development (757) 253-6658 [email protected]
    James City County Jason Purse Assistant County Administrator (757) 253-6604 [email protected]
    James City County Kathryn Sipes Assistant Director (757) 259-4917 [email protected]
    James City County Teresa Fellows Administrative Coordinator (757) 253-6607 [email protected]
    James River Realty Jane Harris (540) 463-2117 [email protected]
    Jarrell Properties, Inc. Marc Smith (540) 899-3825 [email protected]
    JCS Realty Joan Sewell (804) 346-3050 [email protected]
    Jefferson Land & Realty Bill Gentry (540) 948-5050 [email protected]
    Jim Litten Real Estate Jim Litten (276) 694-2449
    JM Commercial Properties LLC Michael Melton (804) 545-6220 [email protected]
    JMS Commercial John Merenda (757) 318-9244 [email protected]
    John C. Lowry John Lowry Candidate for Albemarle Co. Supervisor (434) 906-8108 [email protected]
    John E. Wood Realty Alexandra Keeling (757) 488-6161 [email protected]
    John E. Wood Realty Holly Ashberry (757) 488-6161 [email protected]
    John E. Wood Realty John Wood (757) 488-6161
    John E. Wood Realty Richard Wood Broker (757) 488-6161 [email protected]
    John E. Wood Realty Helen Reagan (757) 488-6161
    John E. Wood Realty Anna Piland (757) 285-2746
    John Lee Associates John Lee President (757) 490-3311 [email protected]
    Johnson & Glazebrook, Inc. Michael Wood (540) 372-4444
    Johnson Commercial Real Estate Bill Johnson (540) 371-8976 [email protected]
    Johnson Realty Advisors, Inc. Fitz Johnson (540) 372-7675 [email protected]
    Johnson Realty Advisors, Inc. Michael Colangelo (540) 372-7675 [email protected]
    Joint Industrial Development Authority of Wythe County Virginia Crockett Administrative Assistant (276) 223-3370 [email protected]
    Joint Industrial Development Authority of Wythe County David Manley Executive Director (276) 223-3370 [email protected]
    Joint Industrial Development Authority of Wythe County John Matthews Associate Director (276) 223-3370 [email protected]
    JON Properties Michael Whitsford (540) 657-5404
    JON Properties Mike Adams (540) 657-5405 [email protected]
    Jonathan Commercial Properties Jonathan Guion Principal (757) 496-0866 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Charles LaRock Associate (703) 485-8724 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Gregg Christoffersen Vice President (757) 965-3009 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Jimmy Appich Vice President (804) 200-6420 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Pope Hackney Vice President (757) 961-3146 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Danny Holly (804) 200-6417 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Matt Gallagher (703) 485-8741 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Adam Lawson Senior Associate (804) 200-6384 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Wesley Edwards (757) 961-3432 [email protected]
    Jones Lang LaSalle Michael LaPaglia (443) 451-2619 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Landon Hinton (757) 961-3158 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Jim Clarke Senior Vice President (703) 891-8369 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Tom Cresce Managing Director (703) 891-8405 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle John Dettleff Senior Vice President (703) 485-8831 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Chris Avellana Associate (804) 200-6468 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Charlie Polk Managing Director - Richmond (804) 200-6419 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Maureen Rooks Vice President (757) 965-3008 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Gareth Jones Senior Associate (804) 200-6453 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Casey O'Hearn Agency Leasing, Tenant Representation, Investment Sales (757) 965-3007 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Deborah Stearns Senior Vice President (757) 348-1477 [email protected]
    Jones Lang Lasalle Scott Keeton (804) 200-6415 [email protected]
    Jones Realty & Construction C. Paty Jones, Jr. (804) 321-1700
    Joyner Commercial Marty Mooradian (804) 612-0133 [email protected]
    Joyner Commercial Bill Phillips (804) 967-2739 [email protected]
    Joyner Commercial Kerry Riley (804) 270-9440 [email protected]
    Joyner Fine Properties Cheryl Hamm Vice President of Operations (804) 967-2765 [email protected]
    Joyner Fine Properties Darnley Adamson Realtor (804) 967-2761 [email protected]
    JWM Properties John Montgomery (804) 355-8744
    Kane Real Estate Services LLC David Kane (301) 222-9000
    KBS, Inc. John Gillenwater Vice President of Business Development (804) 262-0100 [email protected]
    Keck Realtors Chuck Keck (804) 232-8082 [email protected]
    Keidel Engineering, Inc. Ronald Keidel Consultant (804) 674-8915 [email protected]
    Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Robert Ford (540) 659-8624 [email protected]
    Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Myklind Messinger (540) 659-8624 [email protected]
    Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Peter Granger (434) 220-2200 [email protected]
    Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Matthew Durbin (434) 220-2200 [email protected]
    Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Carolyn Betts (434) 220-2200 [email protected]
    Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Peter Skoro (434) 566-0987 [email protected]
    Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Rusty Hulett (757) 576-3444 [email protected]
    Keller Williams Realty, Inc. William Feamster (757) 673-7488
    Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Rochelle Henderson (757) 354-6677 [email protected]l.com
    Kidd Commercial LLC Mark Kidd Principal - Medical Advisor (703) 517-5002 [email protected]
    Kilmarnock Town Marshall Sebra Planning & Zoning Director (804) 435-1552 [email protected]
    Kilmarnock Town Susan Cockrell Deputy Town Manager (804) 435-1552 [email protected]
    Kilmarnock Town Tom Saunders Town Manager (804) 435-1552 [email protected]
    Kimley-Horn Dave France Vice President (757) 213-8600 [email protected]
    King and Queen County Thomas Swartzwelder County Administrator (804) 785-5975 [email protected]
    King and Queen County Donna Sprouse GIS Coordinator (804) 785-5975 [email protected]
    King and Queen County Ed Miller Director of Economic Development (804) 785-5975 [email protected]
    King George County Ryan Gandy Economic Development & Tourism Director (540) 775-9181 [email protected]
    King George County Neiman Young County Administrator (540) 775-9181 [email protected]
    King William County Mark Reeter County Administrator (804) 769-4927 [email protected]
    King William County Victoria Rowsey Executive Assistant of Operations (804) 769-4985 [email protected]
    Kline Realty Bill Kline (757) 484-0123 [email protected]
    Kline Realty David Foster (757) 287-2158 [email protected]
    KLNB Retail Dallon Cheney (703) 722-2703 [email protected]
    Korte Realty Treena Rinaldi (703) 532-7704 [email protected]
    Kossow Management John Kossow CEO (301) 309-9500 [email protected]
    Kossow Management Robert Blum Leasing Director (301) 309-9500 [email protected]
    KVK Precision Jeff Vaughan President (540) 652-6102 [email protected]
    KW Commercial Allen McBride (703) 357-9878 [email protected]
    KW Commercial Saul Corral (703) 675-7278 [email protected]
    KW Commercial Angela Rosas (703) 357-2040 [email protected]
    KW Commercial Sandra Burton (757) 719-7078 [email protected]
    KW Commercial Stephan Woodard (757) 761-6677 [email protected]
    KW Commercial Inc. Fred Bishopp (703) 330-2222 [email protected]
    L. M. Sandler & Sons Debra Williams (757) 463-5000
    Lambert's Point Docks, Inc. Ronald Taylor (757) 446-1212 [email protected]
    Lambert's Point Docks, Inc. Corine Barbour (757) 446-1212 [email protected]
    Lancaster County Frank Pleva County Administrator (804) 462-5129 [email protected]
    Land Partners Cathy Mullins (877) 818-0906
    Landmark Commercial Real Estate Bob White (703) 437-1440 [email protected]
    Landmark Realty Sidney Smyth (434) 696-1002 [email protected]
    Lansdowne Real Estate Company Phil Canada Broker (703) 858-9133 [email protected]
    Lauer Commercial Real Estate, LLC Kim Lauer Vice President (703) 620-2500 [email protected]
    Lauer Commercial Real Estate, LLC Andy Lauer Vice President (703) 620-2500 [email protected]
    Lawrenceville Town Carl Dean Town Manager (434) 848-2414 [email protected]
    Lawrenceville Town Buck Brockwell Council Member (434) 848-2414 [email protected]
    Lawrenceville Town Esther Sanderson Chairperson, Development Committee (434) 848-6552 [email protected]
    Lebo Commercial Properties Chuck Lebo (434) 973-1977 [email protected]
    Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Jeff Robb Senior Vice President (540) 437-3728 [email protected]
    Lee County Dane Poe County Administrator (276) 346-7714 [email protected]
    Lee S. Halyard & Associates Realtors Lee Halyard (757) 549-3700 [email protected]
    Leesburg Town Marantha Edwards Economic Development Director (703) 737-7019 [email protected]
    Leesburg Town Kindra Jackson Business Development Manager (703) 771-6530 [email protected]
    Leesburg Town Debi Parry Planning & Zoning Assistant (703) 737-7023 [email protected]
    Leesburg Town Betsy Fields Research and Communications Manager (703) 777-2420 [email protected]
    Lefcoe Development Company/Davenport Group Kevin Lefcoe President (757) 425-7977 [email protected]
    Lefcoe Development Company/Davenport Group Keri Maye Leasing Associate (757) 425-7977 [email protected]
    Leland Group Commercial Real Estate LLC Joshua Gurland Principal (540) 754-1600 [email protected]
    Lenoir City Company Tom Gilpin (540) 678-1110 [email protected]
    LENOWISCO Planning District Commission Frank Kibler Senior Planner (276) 431-2206 [email protected]
    LENOWISCO Planning District Commission Duane Miller Executive Director (276) 431-2206 [email protected]
    Lewis & Besley Real Estate, Inc. Ron Moyers (703) 569-3600 [email protected]
    Lexington City Noah Simon City Manager (540) 462-3700 [email protected]
    Liberty Property Trust Crystal Loving-Joyce Leasing Associate (804) 934-4334 [email protected]
    Liberty Property Trust Brian Felton Senior Leasing Representative (804) 934-4333 [email protected]
    Liberty Property Trust Dana Dame Senior Project Manager (804) 934-4301 [email protected]
    Liberty Warehousing, Inc. Ron Miller (434) 220-4999
    Lim Properties Fred Itzkowitz (804) 288-8500 [email protected]
    Lincoln Property Company Eamon McCrann (703) 284-5861 [email protected]
    Lincoln Property Company Stoddie Nibley (703) 284-5884 [email protected]
    Lincoln Property Company Neil Alt Senior Vice President (703) 284-5868 [email protected]
    Lincoln Property Company Correll Caulfield Associate (703) 284-5886 [email protected]
    Lingerfelt Commonwealth Partners Brian Devlin (757) 306-1503 [email protected]
    Lingerfelt Development, LLC Brian Witthoefft Principal (804) 270-0015 [email protected]
    Locke & Key Realtors Bill Locke (804) 794-7476 [email protected]
    Long & Foster Helen James (804) 520-5600 [email protected]
    Long & Foster Nick Calvert (757) 428-4600 [email protected]
    Long & Foster Michael Tacoronte (757) 623-2500 [email protected]
    Long & Foster Bill Eiseman (757) 623-2500 [email protected]
    Long & Foster Charlie Ebbets Sales Representative (540) 349-1400 [email protected]
    Long & Foster Tony Picarazzi (540) 455-5854 [email protected]
    Long & Foster Bob Ruffin (757) 306-7653 [email protected]
    Long & Foster John Sarkis (703) 986-5700 [email protected]
    Long & Foster Tyde Sims (757) 285-9734 [email protected]
    Long & Foster Sid Smyth (434) 696-2118 [email protected]
    Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. Michael Baker Broker (703) 790-1990 [email protected]
    Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. Art Miller Vice President (703) 506-2850 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Buddy Rizer Director (703) 777-0592 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Virginia Scott Customer Service Representative (703) 777-0426 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Steven Hargan Senior Business Recruiter (703) 771-5189 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Gary Hornbaker Rural Resource Coordinator (703) 777-0426 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Lois Kirkpatrick Marketing & Communications Manager (703) 737-8385 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Sarah Price Business Development Manager (703) 771-5396 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Chris Hunter Business Retention Manager (703) 777-0479 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Vanessa Wagner Small Business & Entrepreneur Manager (703) 777-0585 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Karen Lanham Real Estate Intelligence Manager (703) 732-8322 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Kristin Bennett Business Development Manager (703) 771-5371 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Swanka Burnette Business Development Manager (703) 771-5378 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Robert McCollar International Business Development Manager (703) 737-8954 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Timothy Hemstreet County Administrator (703) 777-0204 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Rick Morris Business Development Officer (703) 737-8386 [email protected]
    Loudoun County May Durkovic (703) 777-0426 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Shelly Rodriguez (703) 777-0426 [email protected]
    Loudoun County Charles Yudd Assistant County Administrator (703) 777-0428 [email protected]
    Louisa County Christian Goodwin County Administrator (540) 967-3400 [email protected]
    Louisa County Andy Wade Director of Economic Development and Tourism (540) 967-4581 [email protected]
    Luck Development Partners John Pullen Vice President (804) 784-6343 [email protected]
    Lunenburg County Tracy Gee County Administrator (434) 696-2142 [email protected]
    Luray Town Barry Presgraves Mayor (540) 743-5511 [email protected]
    Luray Town Bryan Chrisman Assistant Town Manager (540) 743-5511 [email protected]
    Luray Town Jerry Schiro Interim Town Manager (540) 745-5511 [email protected]
    Lynchburg City Marjette Upshur Director of Economic Development (434) 455-4492 [email protected]
    Lynchburg City Anna Bentson Assistant Director (434) 455-4493 [email protected]
    Lynchburg City Bonnie Svrcek City Manger (434) 847-1732 [email protected]
    Lynchburg City Melissa Dismond Administrative Associate (434) 847-1732 [email protected]
    M Realty Larry Miller (804) 673-2589 [email protected]
    M. Davis Group Max Davis (412) 521-5751
    M.R. Foley & Associates, LLC Rusty Foley Realtor (804) 359-1221 [email protected]
    MacDoc Property Management LLC Marie Jessup (540) 370-4040 [email protected]
    Mackintosh Inc. Realtors James Mackintosh (240) 529-0101 [email protected]
    Madison County Tracey Gardner Economic Development & Tourism Director (540) 948-7500 [email protected]
    Madison County Daniel Campbell County Administrator (540) 948-7500 [email protected]
    Madison Monroe Adam Greenbaum (540) 421-8513 [email protected]
    Manassas City William Pate City Manager (703) 257-8212 [email protected]
    Manassas City Patrick Small Director of Economic Development (703) 257-8881 [email protected]
    Manassas City Elizabeth Via-Gossman Director of Community Development (703) 257-8223 [email protected]
    Manassas City Nicole Smith Economic Development Coordinator (703) 257-8882 [email protected]
    Manassas Park City Calvin O'Dell Public Works & Community Development Director (703) 335-0019 [email protected]
    Manassas Park City Laszlow Palko City Manager (703) 335-8813 [email protected]
    Mangum Economics A. Fletcher Mangum President (804) 346-8446 [email protected]
    Marion Town Ken Heath Community & Economic Development Director (276) 783-4190 [email protected]
    Mar-Ja Inc. Jeff Pond (757) 539-8738 [email protected]
    Mark Real Estate Advisors Chip Mark (704) 564-8414
    Marketing Calendar Testing Marketing Contact MC Test (804) 215-3025 [email protected]
    Martin Bros Contractors Stephen Bowers Vice President of Eastern Region Operations (804) 640-5847 [email protected]
    Martin J. Miller, Attorney at Law Martin Miller (540) 226-5089 [email protected]
    Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation Jennifer Doss Director of Tourism (276) 403-5940 [email protected]
    Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation Mark Heath President & CEO (276) 403-5944 [email protected]
    Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation Lisa Fultz Small and Minority Business Manager (276) 403-5948 [email protected]
    Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation Spencer Johnson Director of Research & Operations (276) 403-5947 [email protected]
    Mary Washington Healthcare Brian Jenkins Director, Properties Management (804) 640-8927 [email protected]
    Matchbox Realty Michael Jaffee (540) 208-0723 [email protected]
    Mathews County Melinda Conner Economic Development Director (804) 725-7172 [email protected]
    Mathews County Julie Kaylor Assistant County Administrator (804) 725-7172 [email protected]
    Mathews Real Estate Services E. Mathews (434) 848-4141
    McBride Corporate Real Estate Michael Jacobus President (201) 848-4000 [email protected]
    McDonald Development Company Tracy White Senior Vice President (404) 923-5069 [email protected]
    McKinney and Company Frank Wilson President (804) 798-1451 [email protected]
    McKinney and Company Nancy Walker President (804) 798-1451 [email protected]
    Meade Realty Charles Meade (276) 628-3789
    Mecklenburg County Angela Kellett Economic Development Director (434) 738-6388 [email protected]
    Mecklenburg County H. Wayne Carter County Administrator (434) 738-6191 [email protected]
    Mecklenburg County Gina Mull Administrative Assistant for Economic Development (434) 738-6388 [email protected]
    Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative David Lipscomb Vice President District Services (434) 372-6100 [email protected]
    Meekins & Associates John Meekins (757) 857-7273 [email protected]
    Merritt Properties, LLC Keith Wallace Leasing Representative (703) 858-2725 [email protected]
    Metropolitan Asset Management, Inc. Kevin Adams President (703) 451-9100
    Metropolitan Real Estate Inc. Mr. Freddie Owner/Agent (804) 741-4108 [email protected]
    Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority James Poff Business Development Manager - Real Estate (703) 572-1592 [email protected]
    Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Joe Maly (703) 417-8754 [email protected]
    Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Donald Fields Head of Passenger Air Service Development (703) 417-8792 [email protected]
    Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Mark Treadaway Vice President, Air Service Development (703) 417-8600 [email protected]
    Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Richard Norris Head of Air Cargo Development (703) 417-8754 [email protected]
    Michael J. Bond Realty, Inc. Michael Bond (757) 450-8662 [email protected]
    Michael P. Long Michael Long Agent (757) 869-3007
    Mid-Atlantic Acquistions, LLC Traci Morris-Cole (703) 328-7884 [email protected]
    Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership Rose Mooney Executive Director (540) 231-9425 [email protected]
    MId-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative Teaka Cole Member Services Coordinator (434) 570-1304 [email protected]
    MId-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative Jeremy Satterfield Busines Development Manager (434) 570-1315 [email protected]
    MId-Atlantic Broadband Cooperative Tad Deriso General Manager (434) 570-1302 [email protected]
    Mid-Atlantic Commercial Real Estate Robert Duckett (757) 867-8777 [email protected]
    Mid-Atlantic Commercial Real Estate Monty Spencer (757) 515-3333 [email protected]
    Mid-Atlantic Commercial Real Estate Jim Carr (757) 344-9567 [email protected]
    Mid-Atlantic Commercial Real Estate Dave Clarke (757) 469-6362 [email protected]
    Mid-Atlantic Commercial Real Estate K.C. Spencer (757) 713-3751 [email protected]
    Mid-Atlantic Commercial Real Estate Miguel Girona (757) 867-8777 [email protected]
    Mid-Atlantic Commercial Real Estate Heath Spencer (757) 880-0627 [email protected]
    Mid-Atlantic Commercial Real Estate Fred Paris (757) 867-8777 [email protected]
    Middle Peninsula Alliance Elizabeth Povar Executive Director (804) 399-8297 [email protected]
    Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission Lewis Lawrence Executive Director (804) 758-2311 [email protected]
    Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission Harrison Bresee Regional Economic Planner (804) 758-2311 [email protected]
    Middleburg Town Cindy Pearson Economic Development Coordinator (540) 687-5152 [email protected]
    Middlesex County Matt Walker County Administrator (804) 758-4330 [email protected]
    Middlesex County Michelle Brown Economic Development Coordinator (804) 654-1363 [email protected]
    Middlesex County Kevin Gentry Director of Information Technology (804) 758-4330 [email protected]
    Milton Realty Service Company, Inc. Chris England (434) 237-3384 [email protected]
    MKB Realtors Luke Waldrop (540) 389-8101 [email protected]
    MKB Realtors Henry Scholz (540) 353-0100 [email protected]
    Montague Miller & Co. Pat Crabtree (434) 989-3999
    Montague Miller & Co. Bud Kreh (540) 948-6665 [email protected]
    Montgomery County Brian Hamilton Economic Development Director (540) 382-5732 [email protected]
    Montgomery County Ashlynn Shrewsbury Project Manager (540) 382-5732 [email protected]
    Montgomery County F. Craig Meadows County Administrator (540) 382-6954 [email protected]
    Montgomery County Brenda Rigney Project Manager (540) 382-5732 [email protected]
    Motley's Auction & Realty Group Chip Jones (804) 355-2100 [email protected]
    Mount Jackson Town Kevin Fauber Town Manager (540) 477-2121 [email protected]
    Mount Rogers Planning District Commission David Barrett Senior Planner (276) 783-5103 [email protected]
    Mount Rogers Planning District Commission Michael Armbrister Interim Executive Director (276) 783-5103 [email protected]
    Mountain to Lake Realty Billy Kingery (540) 483-5566 [email protected]
    Mountain to Lake Realty Bob Parcell (540) 483-5566 [email protected]
    MTH Management J.C. Hall (540) 253-5555 [email protected]
    Mueller & Associates, Inc. Dale Mueller Principal - Commercial Realtor (757) 926-4522 [email protected]
    MVP Real Estate Joe Samaha (703) 627-0933 [email protected]
    NAI Commercial Real Estate Chris Rice (804) 741-4663 [email protected]
    NAI Eagle Lewis Little (804) 217-6926 [email protected]
    NAI Eagle Hampton Roads Patrick Reynolds Associate Broker (757) 216-8438 [email protected]
    NAI KLNB Ryan Moody Associate (571) 382-2066 [email protected]
    NAI KLNB Marc Tasker Principal (571) 382-2062 [email protected]
    NAI KLNB Josh Simon Associate (571) 382-2067 [email protected]
    NAI KLNB John Milligan (571) 382-2063 [email protected]
    NAI KLNB Andrew Georgelakos Principal & Managing Partner (202) 420-7760 [email protected]
    NAI KLNB Kevin Goeller Principal (571) 382-2061 [email protected]
    Nelson County Maureen Kelley Economic Development Director 434 263 7015 [email protected]
    Nelson County Stephen Carter County Administrator (434) 263-7000 [email protected]
    Networks CRE Jim Tucker (804) 794-9119 [email protected]
    New Kent County Mark Kilduff Consultant (804) 966-8564 [email protected]
    New Kent County Matthew Smolnik Director of Community Development (804) 966-9603 [email protected]
    New Kent County Rodney Hathaway County Administrator (804) 966-9629 [email protected]
    New Kent County Marilyn Mills Administrative Assistant for Economic Development (804) 966-9631 [email protected]
    New Kent County Kelli Le Duc Planning Manager (804) 966-9690 [email protected]
    New River Valley Competitiveness Center Yolanda Hunter Incubator Manager (540) 633-6730 [email protected]
    New River Valley Economic Development Alliance Charlie Jewell Executive Director (540) 267-0007 [email protected]
    New River Valley Economic Development Alliance Abigail Hammack Marketing Manager (540) 267-0007 [email protected]
    New River Valley Economic Development Alliance Tabitha Hodge Office Coordinator (540) 267-0007 [email protected]
    New River Valley Regional Commission Christy Straight Regional Planner II (540) 639-9313 [email protected]
    New River Valley Regional Commission Kevin Byrd Executive Director (540) 639-9313 [email protected]
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Tommy Turner Senior Managing Director (704) 208-5243 [email protected]
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Brett Diamond Executive Managing Director (202) 312-5779 [email protected]
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Bill Zonghetti Managing Principal (202) 292-0101 [email protected]
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Kirk Boyd Managing Principal (703) 448-2000 [email protected]
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Edward Goldmeier Senior Managing Director (410) 625-4202 [email protected]
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Cole Spalding (703) 918-0230 [email protected]
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Lawrence Fitzgerald Executive Managing Director (703) 448-2000 [email protected]
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Donna Koski Managing Director (703) 918-0252 [email protected]
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Wendy Surman Director (703) 448-2000 [email protected]
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank John Lench Managing Director (703) 918-0237 [email protected]
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Robert Meeks Senior Vice President NULL
    Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Robert Meeks Senior Managing Director (703) 918-0238 [email protected]
    Newport News City Carol Meredith Assistant Director of Development (757) 926-8428 [email protected]
    Newport News City Florence Kingston Director of Development (757) 926-8428 [email protected]
    Newport News City Sam Workman Assistant Director of Development (757) 926-3785 [email protected]
    Newport News City Macon Whitson Senior Project Coordinator (757) 926-8808 [email protected]
    Newport News City Shakir Johnson Business Retention Coordinator (757) 597-2840 [email protected]
    Newport News City Zoe Lumpkin Financial Services Administrator (757) 926-3802 [email protected]
    Newport News City Matthew Johnson Project Coordinator (757) 926-3600 [email protected]
    Newport News City Marc Rodgers Senior Project Coordinator (757) 926-8428 [email protected]
    Newport News City Derek Perry Project Coordinator (757) 926-7083 [email protected]
    Newport News City Linda Ambrose Staff Technician (757) 597-2840 [email protected]
    Newport News City Cherry Croushore Manager of Development (757) 926-8428 [email protected]
    Newport News City Tricia Wilson Business Development Specialist (757) 926-3793 [email protected]
    Newport News City Joy Robison Administrative Services Manager (757) 926-3804 [email protected]
    Newport News City Travis Fisher Real Estate Coordinator (757) 926-3799 [email protected]
    Newport News City Alan Archer Assistant City Manager (757) 926-8428 [email protected]
    Newport News City Andy Wilks Property Manager (757) 926-8428 [email protected]
    Newport News City Doreen Kopacz Port Development Administrator (757) 926-8437 [email protected]
    Newport News City Jared Midkiff Marketing & Development Coordinator (757) 597-2840 [email protected]
    Newport News City Robin Boyd Marketing Coordinator (757) 597-2840 [email protected]
    NM Commercial Real Estate Services Paul Smith (540) 338-1211 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Janice Hurley Research Analyst (757) 664-4753 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Ihsane Mouak Business Development Manager- Major Projects Coordinator (757) 664-4241 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Sean Washington Business Development Manager (757) 664-4333 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Andrew Yancey Sr. Business Development Manager (757) 664-4338 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Sarah Parker Assistant Director of Marketing (757) 664-4338 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Michael Paris Business Development Manager, NorfolkWorks (757) 793-1036 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Michael Cutter Business Development Manager (757) 664-4329 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Christopher Tillett Business Analyst/Concierge (757) 664-4318 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Aleea Slappy Business Development Manager-SWAM Coordinator (757) 664-4187 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Alan Boring Sr. Bus. Dev. Mgr - Maritime (757) 664-4317 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Jared Chalk Asst Dir of Development (757) 664-4105 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Charles Rigney Director (757) 664-4763 [email protected]
    Norfolk City Bob Sharak Senior Business Development Manager (757) 664-4324 [email protected]
    Norfolk Southern Corporation Roger Bennett Director, Mid-Atlantic Region (717) 541-2230 [email protected]
    Norfolk Southern Corporation Amanda Nesmith Manager for Eastern VA (757) 823-5482 [email protected]
    Norfolk Southern Corporation Dan Motley Manager for Western VA (540) 524-4586 [email protected]
    Norfolk Southern Corporation Newell Baker Assistant Vice President (404) 529-1591 [email protected]
    Norfolk Southern Corporation Bob Bowling Director, Central Region (Automotive Projects Lead) (404) 529-2245 [email protected]
    Norman Realty, Inc. Sergio Campos (703) 631-1865 [email protected]
    Norman Realty, Inc. Jay Norman Broker (703) 368-2186 [email protected]
    Norman Realty, Inc. John Walvius Vice President (703) 368-2186 [email protected]
    Northampton County John Andrzejewski Acting County Administrator (757) 678-0440 [email protected]
    Northampton County Spencer Murray Chairman, Board of Supervisors (757) 678-6458 [email protected]
    Northampton County Janice Williams Assistant to the County Administrator (757) 678-0440 [email protected]
    Northampton County Chamber of Commerce Linda Buskey Economic Development Committee Chair 757 678 0010 [email protected]
    Northern Neck Chesapeake Bay Region Partnership Jerry W. Davis, AICP Executive Director (804) 333-1900 [email protected]
    Northern Neck Chesapeake Bay Region Partnership Alex Eguiguren Technical Assistant (804) 333-1900 [email protected]
    Northern Neck Chesapeake Bay Region Partnership Lisa Hull Economic Development Coordinator (804) 333-1900 [email protected]
    Northern Neck Planning District Commission Lisa Hull Tourism Coordinator (804) 333-1919 [email protected]
    Northern Neck Planning District Commission Stuart McKenzie Environmental Planner (804) 333-1900 [email protected]
    Northern Neck Planning District Commission Jerry Davis Executive Director (804) 333-1900 [email protected]
    Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission Brandon Davis Executive Director (540) 636-8800 [email protected]
    Northern Virginia Economic Development Coalition Geoffrey Durham President (703) 771-2734 [email protected]
    Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative Gilbert Jaramillo Manager Business Development Group (703) 335-0500 [email protected]
    Northern Virginia Regional Commission Mark Gibb Executive Director (703) 642-4646 [email protected]
    Northern Virginia Regional Commission Dale Medearis Senior Environmental Planner (703) 642-4630 [email protected]
    Northern Virginia Technology Council Pam Dudley President, NVTC Foundation (703) 904-7878 [email protected]
    Northern Virginia Technology Council Susan Baker Vice President for Workforce Development (703) 904-7878 [email protected]
    Northern Virginia Technology Council Bobbie Kilberg President (703) 904-7878 [email protected]
    Northern Virginia Technology Council Tim Nurvala Special Projects Manager (703) 904-7878 [email protected]
    Northern Virginia Technology Council Steve Jordon (703) 904-7878 [email protected]
    Northumberland County E. Luttrell Tadlock County Administrator (804) 580-7666 [email protected]
    Northumberland County Economic Development Commission Theresa Lambert Executive Director (703) 472-4015 [email protected]
    Northumberland County Economic Development Commission Richard Saxer District 5 Commission Member (804) 453-3156 [email protected]
    Norton City Fred Ramey City Manager (276) 679-1160 [email protected]
    Nottoway County Ronald Roark County Administrator (434) 645-8696 [email protected]
    Nottoway County John Prosise Assistant County Administrator (434) 645-9197 [email protected]
    OakCrest Commercial Real Estate Gillian Greenfield (540) 504-0790 [email protected]
    OakCrest Commercial Real Estate Bill Wiley Associate (540) 504-0787 [email protected]
    OakCrest Commercial Real Estate Marie DiLorenzo (540) 504-0789 [email protected]
    Ocean Realty Bill Hester (757) 583-4397
    Oceanbay Properties, Inc. Dave Wilkerson (804) 282-2531
    Office of the Governor Terry McAuliffe Governor (804) 786-2211
    Office of the Governor Suzette Denslow Deputy Chief of Staff (804) 786-2211 [email protected]
    Office of the Governor Traci Deshazor Deputy Director, Intergovernmental Affairs (202) 783-1769 [email protected]
    Office of the Governor Maribel Ramos Director, Intergovernmental Affairs (202) 783-1769 [email protected]
    Office of the Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam Lieutenant Governor (804) 786-2078 [email protected]
    Office Suites Plus Doug Rose (804) 205-5000
    Old Dominion Electric Cooperative David Hudgins Manager, Economic Development (804) 968-4068 [email protected]
    Old Dominion Electric Cooperative Susan Rubin Vice President of Governmental Affairs (804) 968-4068 [email protected]
    Old Dominion Realty John Bowman Associate Broker (540) 271-2178
    Old Dominion Realty Barry Pugh Realtor / Appraiser (540) 433-2106 [email protected]
    Old Dominion Realty Chad Branson (540) 478-5798
    Olympia Development Corporation Chip Cutchins Vice President (757) 463-3600 [email protected]
    One South Commercial Realty Tom Rosman Associate Broker/Owner (804) 353-0009 [email protected]
    Orange County Rose Deal Economic Development Assistant (540) 672-1238 [email protected]
    Orange County Bryan David County Administrator (540) 672-3313 [email protected]
    Orange Town John Cooley Town Planner (540) 672-6917 [email protected]
    Outer Beaches Realty Alex Risser President (800) 627-3150 [email protected]
    Overnite Transportation Company John Fain (804) 231-8462
    Page County Michelle Somers Zoning Administrator (540) 743-1324 [email protected]
    Page County Amity Moler County Administrator (540) 743-4142 [email protected]
    Page County Stephanie Lillard Economic Development and Tourism Director (540) 743-4142 [email protected]
    Page County Regina Miller Assistant to County Administrator (540) 743-4142 [email protected]
    Page County Economic Development Authority Ligon Webb Chairman (540) 743-1216 [email protected]
    Panattoni Development Company Bill Hudgins Senior Development Manager (757) 641-5174 [email protected]
    Parker Burnell Real Estate Group Troy Parker Broker (757) 407-9499 [email protected]
    Patrick County Geri Hazelwood Assistant County Administrator (276) 694-6094 [email protected]
    Patrick County Tom Rose County Administrator (276) 694-8367 [email protected]
    Patrick County Denise Stirewalt Administrative Professional (276) 694-8367 [email protected]
    Patrick County Debbie Foley Economic Development Director (276) 694-8367 [email protected]
    Patriot Realty Inc. Kelly May Broker (757) 397-4400 [email protected]hrmls.com
    Pavilion Properties Lisa Jones President (434) 923-8800 [email protected]
    Payne Property Development Karen McKay Leasing Manager (540) 898-5466 [email protected]
    PDC, Inc. Michael Carnock (410) 740-9863 [email protected]
    Pembroke Commercial Realty Corporation Gerald Keller Vice President/Associate Broker (757) 490-3141 [email protected]
    Pembroke Commercial Realty Corporation Samuel Walker (757) 490-3141 [email protected]
    Pembroke Commercial Realty Corporation Lenny Burns (757) 490-3141 [email protected]
    Peninsula Airport Commission Ken Spirito Executive Director (757) 877-0221 [email protected]
    Petersburg City Reginald Tabor Economic Development Projects Manager (804) 733-2352 [email protected]
    Pinnacle Commercial Inc. Carlton Hudgins (757) 599-9550 [email protected]
    Pittsylvania County Matthew Rowe Director of Economic Development (434) 432-1669 [email protected]
    Pittsylvania County Hollye Keesee Administrative Assistant (434) 432-1979 [email protected]
    Pittsylvania County David Smitherman County Administrator (434) 432-7700 [email protected]
    Pittsylvania County Gregory Sides Assistant County Administrator for Planning and Development (434) 432-7974 [email protected]
    Plus Management Sean Eichert Commercial Real Estate Leasing Consultant (804) 419-2295
    Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group Stephen Pendergrass (540) 855-3655
    Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group Thomas Hubard Associate (540) 855-3546 [email protected]
    Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group Dennis Cronk President/CEO (540) 855-3651 [email protected]
    Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group Jessica Gauldin (540) 204-4935 [email protected]
    Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group Matt Huff Associate Broker (540) 855-3647 [email protected]
    Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group Bill Poe Broker & Principal (540) 855-3643 [email protected]
    Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group Bryan Musselwhite Associate (540) 855-3654 [email protected]
    Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group Adam Hardy (540) 204-4938 [email protected]
    Poe & Cronk Real Estate Group Richard Wellford (540) 855-3648 [email protected]
    Pollard & Bagby, Inc. Donna Hobbs (804) 643-9011 [email protected]
    Poquoson City Judy Wiggins Assistant City Manager (757) 868-3000 [email protected]
    Poquoson City Charity Gavaza Economic Development Coordinator (757) 868-3580 [email protected]
    Poquoson City Randy Wheeler City Manager (757) 868-3000 [email protected]
    Porter Realty Company, Inc. Wilson Flohr (804) 521-1458 [email protected]
    Porter Realty Company, Inc. Byron Holmes Vice President (804) 521-1448 [email protected]
    Porter Realty Company, Inc. Clifford Porter Executive Vice President & Sales Manager (804) 521-1442 [email protected]
    Porter Realty Company, Inc. Kevin Cox Vice President (804) 521-1468 [email protected]
    Porter Realty Company, Inc. Robert Porter President (804) 521-1441 [email protected]
    Porter Realty Company, Inc. Richard Porter Executive Vice President (804) 521-1443 [email protected]
    Portsmouth City Robert Moore Business Development Manager (757) 393-8804 [email protected]
    Portsmouth City Lee Ogelby Executive Assistant (757) 393-8804 [email protected]
    Portsmouth Redevelopment & Housing Authority Kathy Warren Deputy Executive Director (757) 399-5261 [email protected]
    Powell Valley Electric Cooperative Gary Hatfield Director of Special Projects (423) 626-0716 [email protected]
    Powell Valley Electric Cooperative Randall Meyers General Manager (423) 626-5204 [email protected]
    Powhatan County March Altman Deputy County Administrator (804) 598-5605 [email protected]
    Powhatan County Shaun Reynolds Acting Planning Director/Environmental Manager (804) 598-5621 [email protected]
    Powhatan County David Williams District 1 Supervisor (804) 598-5612 [email protected]
    Powhatan County Patricia Weiler County Administrator (804) 598-5612 [email protected]
    Premier Management Services Jim Kernan (888) 597-8700 [email protected]
    Prince Edward County Sarah Puckett Assistant County Administrator (434) 392-8837 [email protected]
    Prince Edward County Wade Bartlett Acting Economic Development Director/County Administrator (434) 392-8837 [email protected]
    Prince Edward County Magi Van Eps Tourism & Visitor Center Coordinator (434) 392-1482 [email protected]
    Prince George County Jeffrey Stoke Director of Economic Development/Interim Deputy County Administrator (804) 722-8612 [email protected]
    Prince George County Percy Ashcraft County Administrator (804) 722-8600 [email protected]
    Prince George County Daniel Cook Economic Development Specialist (804) 722-8609 [email protected]
    Prince George County Donna Traylor Administrative Assistant (804) 722-8613 [email protected]
    Prince William County Thomas Flynn Director, Business Development and Investment (703) 792-5517 [email protected]
    Prince William County Ginny Person Communications, Marketing & Research Manager (703) 792-5518 [email protected]
    Prince William County Skylar Swain Marketing Specialist (703) 792-5504 [email protected]
    Prince William County Brad Norris Financial Analyst Manager (703) 792-6688 [email protected]
    Prince William County Christopher Martino County Executive (703) 792-6600 [email protected]
    Prince William County Adam Henry Business Development Manager (703) 792-5191 [email protected]
    Prince William County Allisha Abraham Research Manager (703) 792-5485 [email protected]
    Prince William County Christopher Girdwood Business Development Manager (703) 792-5516 [email protected]
    Prince William County James Gahres Sr. Business Development Manager (703) 792-5505 [email protected]
    Prince William County Debra Eustace Administrative Support Coordinator (703) 792-5508 [email protected]
    Prince William County Diane Dukes Management and Fiscal Analyst (703) 792-5577 [email protected]
    Prince William County Jeffrey Kaczmarek Economic Development Director (703) 792-5500 [email protected]
    Prince William County Michelle Pace-Nichols Administrative Support Assistant III (703) 792-5501 [email protected]
    Prince William County George Harben Director of Existing Business (703) 792-5507 [email protected]
    Prince William County Antje Williams Administrative Support Coordinator I (703) 792-5501 [email protected]
    Prudential McCardle Realty Ed Esposito (757) 869-7572
    Prudential Towne Realty Keith Starling (757) 510-0431 [email protected]
    Prudential Towne Realty Leann Amory (757) 332-0991 [email protected]
    Prudential Towne Realty John Graham (757) 572-3092 [email protected]
    Pulaski County Jonathan Sweet County Administrator (540) 980-7705 [email protected]
    Pulaski County Michael Solomon Economic Development Director (540) 980-7710 [email protected]
    Pulaski County Danny Wilson Zoning Administrator (540) 980-7710 [email protected]
    Pulaski Town Shawn Utt Town Manager (540) 994-8631 [email protected]
    Pulaski Town John White Economic Development Director (540) 994-8631 [email protected]
    Pulaski Town William Pedigo Town Engineer (540) 994-8631 [email protected]
    Purcellville Town Kwasi Fraser Mayor (571) 970-7205 [email protected]
    Questor Realty, Inc. James Crutchfield (703) 750-9200 [email protected]
    R. Whitley Bain & Company Real Estate Corp. Robert Whitley Bain (757) 899-5263 [email protected]
    R.L. Travers & Associates, Inc. Guy Travers (703) 339-0103 [email protected]
    Radford City David Ridpath City Manager (540) 731-3603 [email protected]
    Radford City Basil Edwards Economic Development Director (540) 731-3603 [email protected]
    Railto Capital Management David Ittilucksatit Real Estate Group (305) 485-2565 [email protected]
    Randolph Real Estate Services Company, LLC Alonzo Bell Principal Broker (757) 592-3737 [email protected]
    Rappahannock County Debbie Keyser County Administrator (540) 675-5330 [email protected]
    Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Matt Faulconer Director of Government & Community Relations (540) 898-8500 [email protected]
    Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Ann Smith Director of Public Relations (540) 891-5921 [email protected]
    Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Jeffrey Hinson Account Executive, Business & Community Development (540) 622-5163 [email protected]
    Rappahannock Electric Cooperative Kent Farmer President and CEO (540) 891-5815 [email protected]
    Rappahannock-Rapidan Regional Commission Jeffrey Walker Executive Director (540) 829-7450 [email protected]
    Re/Max Leah Webster (703) 971-5555 [email protected]
    Re/Max 1st Olympic Realtors Bob Sherman Associate Broker (434) 832-1100 [email protected]
    Re/Max Affinity Group Julie Kuhl (434) 296-0007 [email protected]
    Re/Max Affinity Group Marvin Caish (434) 296-0007 [email protected]
    RE/MAX Allegiance Victor Esposito (757) 288-2800 [email protected]
    RE/MAX Alliance Commercial Properties Jim King (757) 222-0885 [email protected]
    RE/MAX Alliance Commercial Properties Laura Beer (757) 222-0885 [email protected]
    RE/MAX Alliance Commercial Properties Lisa West Vice President - Commercial Sales & Leasing (757) 222-0885 [email protected]
    Re/Max Assured Properties Rob Alley (434) 817-0395
    Re/Max Assured Properties Tim Carson (434) 817-0395
    Re/Max Assured Properties Bev Nash (434) 817-0395
    Re/Max Central Atlantic Tom Zakielarz (434) 985-0021
    Re/Max Commonwealth Group Albert Meyer Commercial/Investment Specialist (804) 795-5150
    Re/Max Commonwealth Group Billie Graves (804) 467-5767 [email protected]
    Re/Max Crossroads Tom Boyd (540) 717-5959 [email protected]
    Re/MAX Gateway Russell Morris (703) 895-3879 [email protected]
    Re/Max NOW James Hart (757) 562-7653 [email protected]
    Re/Max Regency John Latham (703) 656-4650 [email protected]
    Read Commercial Properties, Inc. Craig Read President (757) 865-6600 [email protected]
    Read Commercial Properties, Inc. Will Andrews (757) 865-6600 [email protected]
    Real Estate Advisors, Inc. Daniel Stegall (757) 488-9627 [email protected]
    Real Estate III Commercial Properties Robin Amato Associate Broker (434) 981-0676 [email protected]
    Real Estate III Commercial Properties Caroline Nunley Satira Agent (434) 293-7891 [email protected].net
    Real Estate III Commercial Properties Bill Howard President (434) 906-1240 [email protected]
    Real Estate III Commercial Properties Grant Bates (434) 882-1176 [email protected]
    Real Estate Under 1 Roof Lee Anne Shelton-Matthews (757) 288-8371 [email protected]
    RealStar Realtors Andy Mullins (540) 580-6278 [email protected]
    Realty Executives, Inc. Jenny Sung (757) 499-2888 [email protected]
    Realty Executives, Inc. Perdethia Lowwery (757) 285-4024 [email protected]
    Realty Executives, Inc. Cheryl Holloway (757) 472-2030 [email protected]
    Rebkee Company Robert Hargett Principal (804) 419-0740 [email protected]
    Rebkee Company Kevin McFadden Principal (804) 419-0740 [email protected]
    Rebkee Company Daniel Hargett Principal (804) 419-0740 [email protected]
    Red Fox Commercial, LLC Scott Munchel (703) 819-5803 [email protected]
    Redwood Commercial Real Estate Services Jason Drakopolous (703) 378-8444 [email protected]
    Redwood Commercial Real Estate Services Jeff Hadlock (703) 378-8444 [email protected]
    Region 2000 Local Government Council Bob White Deputy Director of Planning & Core Services (434) 845-5678 [email protected]
    Region 2000 Local Government Council Kelly Hitchcock Senior Planner (434) 845-5678 [email protected]
    Region 2000 Local Government Council Gary Christie Executive Director (434) 845-5678 [email protected]
    Region 2000 Local Government Council Matt Perkins Administrative Program Coordinator (434) 845-5678 [email protected]
    Region 2000 Local Government Council Matt Perkins Administrative Program Coordinator (434) 845-5678 [email protected]
    Region 2000 Technology Council Jonathan Whitt Executive Director (434) 847-1447 [email protected]
    Region 2000 Technology Council Elizabeth Narehood Vice President (434) 847-1447 [email protected]
    Regus Sara Parker (877) 734-8795 [email protected]
    Retail Advisors Missy Martinovich Broker (757) 898-7890 [email protected]
    Retail Advisors Rob Heavner Principal Broker (757) 898-7890 [email protected]
    Richards Commercial Properties David Richards (276) 780-5164 [email protected]
    Richardson Real Estate Company Rennie Richardson (757) 478-3271 [email protected]
    Richmond City Betty-Anne Teter Programs Administrator - Business Attraction & Retention (804) 646-1823 [email protected]
    Richmond City Justine Mulholland Business Development Manager (804) 646-2775 [email protected]
    Richmond City Keisha Birchett Commerical Development Coordinator (804) 646-3171 [email protected]
    Richmond City Selena Cuffee-Glenn Chief Administrator Officer (804) 646-7978 [email protected]
    Richmond City Kyle Brackett Project Development Manager (804) 646-5633 [email protected]
    Richmond City Douglas Dunlap Interim Director (804) 646-6822 [email protected]
    Richmond City Jeannie Welliver Project Development Manager (804) 646-7322 [email protected]
    Richmond City Lisbeth Coker Project Development Manager (804) 646-3792 [email protected]
    Richmond City Denise Lawus Deputy Director, Neighborhood Revitalization (804) 646-3975 [email protected]
    Richmond City Mary Blow Project Management Analyst (804) 646-7426 [email protected]
    Richmond City Byron Marshall Chief Administrative Officer (804) 646-7978 [email protected]
    Richmond City Joyce Mayfield Administrative Project Analyst (804) 646-4078 [email protected]
    Richmond City Jane Ferrara Chief Operating Officer (804) 646-5633 [email protected]
    Richmond City Lee Downey Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Planning & Economic Development (804) 646-7646 [email protected]
    Richmond County Morgan Quicke County Administrator (804) 333-3415 [email protected]
    Richmond County Denise Dunaway Director of Finance & Development Services (804) 333-3415 [email protected]
    Richmond Regional Planning District Commission Barbara Jacocks Director of Planning (804) 323-2033 [email protected]
    Richmond Regional Planning District Commission Martha Shickle Executive Director (804) 323-2033 [email protected]
    RichTech (Greater Richmond Technology Council) Robby Demeria Executive Director (804) 228-4193 [email protected]
    Rick Whittington Consulting Rick Whittington President (804) 335-1477 [email protected]
    Riddle Associates, Inc. Lindsey Elliott (757) 523-1900 [email protected]
    Riddle Associates, Inc. M. John Corey Associate Broker (757) 523-1900 [email protected]
    Riddle Associates, Inc. Robb Riddle President, Principal Broker (757) 523-1900 [email protected]
    Riddle Associates, Inc. Bill Brackman Vice President, Associate Broker (757) 523-1900 [email protected]
    Riddle Associates, Inc. Larry Rumsey Commercial Sales and Leasing (757) 523-1900 [email protected]
    RIK King Commercial Real Estate Rik King (757) 285-9414 [email protected]
    Riverstone Properties, LLC Jeff Galanti (804) 643-4200 [email protected]
    Riverstone Properties, LLC Chris Corrada (804) 643-4200 [email protected]
    Rives S. Brown Realtors James Coleman (276) 632-3463 [email protected]
    RJS & Associates, Inc. Joseph Singley (757) 229-3139 [email protected]
    RJS & Associates, Inc. Robert Singley, Sr. Principal Broker (757) 229-3139 [email protected]
    Roanoke City Brandon Turner Economic Development Specialist (540) 853-5405 [email protected]
    Roanoke City Cassandra Turner Economic Development Specialist (540) 853-6439 [email protected]
    Roanoke City Wayne Bowers Director of Economic Development (540) 853-2715 [email protected]
    Roanoke City Rob Ledger Manager of Economic Development (540) 853-2715 [email protected]
    Roanoke City Lisa Soltis Economic Development Specialist (540) 853-1694 [email protected]
    Roanoke City Brian Townsend Acting City Manager/Assistant City Manager for Community Development (540) 853-2715 [email protected]
    Roanoke County Jill Loope Director (540) 772-2124 [email protected]
    Roanoke County Jessica Fintel Economic Development Specialist (540) 772-2069 [email protected]
    Roanoke County Thomas Gates County Administrator (540) 772-2004 [email protected]
    Roanoke County Jay Brenchick Economic Development Manager (540) 772-2040 [email protected]
    Roanoke County Glenna Ratcliffe Administrative Assistant (540) 772-2069 [email protected]
    Roanoke County Joseph Zielinski Economic Development Specialist (540) 772-2095 [email protected]
    Roanoke Gas Company John D'Orazio President & Chief Executive Officer (540) 777-3800 info[email protected]
    Roanoke Regional Partnership Lisa Lyle Director of Business Investment (540) 343-1550 [email protected]
    Roanoke Regional Partnership Beth Doughty Executive Director (540) 343-1550 [email protected]
    Roanoke Regional Partnership Peter Eshelman Director of Outdoor Branding (540) 343-1550 [email protected]
    Roanoke Regional Partnership Carrie Cousins Director of Communications (540) 343-1550 [email protected]
    Roanoke Regional Partnership Lisa Link Director of Operations & Investor Relations (540) 343-1550 [email protected]
    Roanoke Regional Partnership John Hull Director of Market Intelligence (540) 343-1550 [email protected]
    Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission Wayne Strickland Executive Director (540) 343-4417 [email protected]
    Robert Brown & Associates Inc. Bradford Brown (757) 461-0000 [email protected]
    Robert Brown & Associates Inc. Robert R. Brown, Jr. (757) 969-6037 [email protected]
    Robert E. Long & Associates, Ltd. Robert E. Long (757) 723-7742 [email protected]
    Robert G. Burnley, LLC Robert Burnley Environmental Professional (804) 839-1943 [email protected]
    Rochon Realty, Inc. Rob Rochon Principal Broker (540) 288-8882 [email protected]
    Rockbridge County Spencer Suter County Administrator (540) 464-4361 [email protected]
    Rockbridge County Brandy Flint Business Development Assistant (540) 464-9662 [email protected]
    Rockbridge County Sam Crickenberger Director Community Development (540) 464-9662 [email protected]
    Rockingham County Michele Bridges Manager, Economic Development & Tourism (540) 574-1896 [email protected]
    Rockingham County Stephen King County Administrator (540) 564-3027 [email protected]
    Rockingham County George Anas Assistant County Administrator & Director of Economic Development (540) 437-0185 [email protected]
    Rocky Mount Town C. James Ervin Town Manager (540) 483-7660 [email protected]
    Rocky Mount Town Matthew Hankins Assistant Town Manager (540) 483-7660 [email protected]
    Roland Pittman Real Estate Roland Pittman (434) 979-3411
    Ron Pomfrey Realty, Inc. Bonnie O'Brien (804) 730-7700 [email protected]
    Rose & Womble Realty Company John Dyer (757) 777-7260 [email protected]
    Rose & Womble Realty Company Karen Sheeley (757) 935-9000
    Rosewell Corporation Paul Farrell President (757) 523-0676
    Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Duke Merrick (434) 951-5160
    Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Anne Oliver Sales Associate (434) 951-5155 [email protected]
    Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Hock Hockensmith (434) 951-5155 [email protected]
    Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Matthew Woodson (434) 960-5187 [email protected]
    Roy Wheeler Realty Co. Margaret Callaway Ramsey (434) 296-7171
    RP James Center Bruce Boykin Asset Manager (804) 344-7267 [email protected]
    Runnymede Corporation Mike Fine (757) 422-1568 [email protected]
    Runnymede Corporation Michael Barrett CEO (757) 422-1568 [email protected]
    Runnymede Corporation Jamie Todd Commercial Sales and Leasing (757) 422-1568 [email protected]
    Runnymede Corporation Robb Fine Commercial Sales and Leasing (757) 422-1568 [email protected]
    Russell County Vicki Porter Administrative Manager (276) 889-8000 [email protected]
    Russell County Lonzo Lester County Administrator (276) 889-8000 [email protected]
    Russell County Industrial Development Authority Dicky Lockridge IDA Member (276) 265-2816 [email protected]
    Russell County Industrial Development Authority Ernie McFaddin Chairman (276) 971-0690 [email protected]
    RVA Commercial Real Estate Della Conti (804) 332-5467 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Ross Weinstein Director of Business Brokerage (757) 640-2234 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Andrew Myers Vice President (757) 640-5438 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Jerry Adams Senior Vice President (757) 640-2288 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Christopher Hucke Vice President (757) 640-2205 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company J.C. Wynkoop Retail Brokerage & Development (757) 640-2413 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Neal Sadler (757) 640-2404 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Bill Overman Commercial Brokerage & Development (757) 640-2254 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Pierce Jacobson (757) 640-6141 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Chris Zarpas Vice President (757) 640-5437 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company John Wessing Commercial Brokerage & Development (757) 640-2412 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Sam Rapoport Associate (757) 640-5438 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Stephan Gordon Vice President (757) 627-8611 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company John Profilet Vice President (757) 640-2278 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Seth Norman (757) 640-2405 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Alan Nusbaum (757) 640-2221 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Chris Devine (757) 627-8611 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Matthew Nusbaum (757) 640-2215 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Michael Zarpas (757) 640-2235 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Ashley Bussey (757) 640-2217 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Tommy Drew (757) 640-5424 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Wade Wawner (757) 640-2272 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Stephanie Sanker Vice President (757) 640-2290 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Michael Myers Senior Vice President (757) 640-2273 [email protected]
    S. L. Nusbaum Realty Company Nathan Shor (804) 320-7600
    Sajomach Business Services, Inc. Roland Davis Business Broker (757) 410-3851 [email protected]
    Salem City Benjamin Tripp City Planner (540) 375-3007 [email protected]
    Salem City Judy Hough Planner (540) 375-3007 [email protected]
    Salem City Melinda Payne Director of Planning & Economic Development (540) 375-3007 [email protected]
    Saltville Town Mike Taylor Town Manager (276) 496-5342 [email protected]
    Saltville Town Steve Johnson Clerk Treasurer (276) 496-5342 [email protected]
    Sam Segar & Associates, Inc. Brian Gilpin Sales & Leasing Agent (757) 497-4446 [email protected]
    Sam Segar & Associates, Inc. Paul Hansen Broker (757) 497-4446 [email protected]
    Sam Segar & Associates, Inc. Frank Thomas Sales and Leasing Agent (757) 285-9004 [email protected]
    Samson Properties Jacqueline Nguyen Commercial Specialist (703) 378-8810 [email protected]
    SC Realty Kevin Smith (434) 293-3771
    Scott & Associates, Inc. S. Dane Scott Broker/Vice President (757) 242-4722 [email protected]
    Scott & Associates, Inc. Durwood Scott (757) 242-4722 [email protected]
    Scott County John Kilgore Director of Economic Development (276) 386-2525 [email protected]
    Scott County Freda Starnes County Administrator (276) 386-6521 [email protected]
    Scott County Penny Horton Administrative Assistant (276) 386-2525 [email protected]
    Scott County Roger Fraysier EDA Chairman (276) 452-9119 [email protected]
    Secretary of Commerce and Trade Meghan Hobbs Administrative Assistant (804) 225-4372 [email protected]
    Secretary of Commerce and Trade Todd Haymore Secretary of Commerce & Trade (804) 692-2512 [email protected]
    Secretary of Commerce and Trade Lawrence Wilder Advisor for Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation (804) 371-2064 [email protected]
    Secretary of Commerce and Trade George Stewart Special Assistant (804) 225-4520 [email protected]
    Secretary of Commerce and Trade B. Hayes Framme Advisor for Infrastructure and Development (804) 225-4517 [email protected]
    Secretary of Commerce and Trade Mary Rae Carter Special Advisor for Rural Partnerships (540) 483-0179 [email protected]
    Secretary of Education Elizabeth Creamer Director of Education and Workforce Development (804) 786-1151 [email protected]nia.gov
    Secretary of Finance Richard Brown Secretary of Finance (804) 786-1148 [email protected]
    Secretary of Finance Connie Biggs Assistant to Secretary (804) 786-1148
    Secretary of Health and Human Resources William Hazel Secretary of Health & Human Resources (804) 786-7765 [email protected]
    Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson Secretary of Technology (804) 786-9579 [email protected]
    Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Lane Secretary of Transportation (804) 786-8032
    Select Realty Michele Harlow Berkshire (540) 371-7653 [email protected]
    Senate Finance Committee Melissa Mayes Assistant to Staff Director (804) 698-7480 [email protected]
    Senate Finance Committee Jason Powell Legislative Analyst (804) 698-7480 [email protected]
    Senate Finance Committee Betsey Daley Staff Director (804) 698-7486 [email protected]
    Sensei Development Melissa Norton (804) 595-9440
    Seven Hills Advisors Cole Clarkson (804) 288-1780 [email protected]
    Shamin Hospitality Group Neil Amin (804) 777-9000 [email protected]
    Shenandoah County Evan Vass Assistant County Administrator (540) 459-6165 [email protected]
    Shenandoah County Mary Price County Administrator (540) 459-6165 [email protected]
    Shenandoah County Bradley Polk Director of Community Development (540) 459-6191 [email protected]
    Shenandoah Town Juanita Roudabush Assistant Town Manager (540) 652-8164 [email protected]
    Shenandoah Town Larry Dovel Town Manager (540) 652-3328 [email protected]
    Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative Myron Rummel President & CEO (540) 434-2200 [email protected]
    Shenandoah Valley Partnership Courtland Robinson Director of Business Development (540) 568-3166 [email protected]
    Shenandoah Valley Partnership Tish Blackwell Communications & Marketing Manager (540) 568-3100 [email protected]
    Shenandoah Valley Partnership Carrie Chenery Executive Director (540) 568-3259 [email protected]
    Shenandoah Valley Tech Council Nicky Swayne Executive Director (540) 568-7882 [email protected]
    Shockoe Company Rowland Williams (804) 529-2287 [email protected]
    Sigma National, Inc. Tred Spratley (804) 423-5335 [email protected]
    Sigma National, Inc. Wilson Davis (804) 423-5335 [email protected]
    Silver Companies Steve Jones Vice President Sales & Leasing (540) 786-1477 [email protected]
    Silver Companies Jud Honaker President, Commercial Development (540) 786-1447 [email protected]
    Silver Companies Chris Hornung Vice President, Engineering and Construction (540) 786-1405 [email protected]
    Silver Companies Donny Self Senior Sales Associate (540) 548-1023 [email protected]
    Silver Companies Tony Perez Associate Broker (540) 785-3376 [email protected]
    Silver Companies Tony Sala Executive Vice President, Residential and Land Development (540) 786-1480 [email protected]
    Silver Companies David Newman Executive Vice President, Commercial Brokerage (540) 786-1405 [email protected]
    Silver Companies Scott Little Vice President, Director of Development (540) 786-1405 [email protected]
    Sloan Manis Real Estate Aaron Manis (434) 220-5656 [email protected]
    Sloan Manis Real Estate David Sloan (434) 220-5656 [email protected]
    Smith Realty Group Clavis Smith (757) 523-1710
    Smithfield Firehouse 1939 LLC Mark Hall (757) 357-3113 [email protected]
    Smyth County Lori Hester Deel Director of Community & Economic Development (276) 783-3298 [email protected]
    Smyth County Michael Carter County Administrator (276) 783-3298 [email protected]
    Smyth County Manuel Street GIS/Planning Technician (276) 783-3298 [email protected]
    South Hill Town Dean Marion Mayor (434) 447-3191 [email protected]
    South Hill Town Kim Callis Town Manager (434) 447-3191 [email protected]
    Southampton County Michael Johnson County Administrator (757) 653-3015 [email protected]
    Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation Dan Lagana Marketing & Communications Director (703) 360-5008 [email protected]
    Southeast Fairfax Development Corporation Edythe Kelleher Executive Director (703) 360-5008 [email protected]
    Southeastern Development Associates John Mills (706) 854-6733 [email protected]
    Southeastern Development Associates Matt Mills (706) 854-6710 [email protected]
    Southeastern Development Associates David Rivers (706) 854-6731 [email protected]
    Southern Piedmont Technology Council Rachel Reynolds Coordinator of Technology Programs (434) 766-6771 [email protected]
    Southern Virginia Regional Alliance Linda Green Director of Economic Development (434) 766-6707 [email protected]
    Southside Business Technology Center Eva Doss Executive Director (276) 638-2523 [email protected]
    Southside Electric Cooperative George Felts Manager of Engineering & Operations Services (434) 645-7721 [email protected]
    Southside Electric Cooperative Jeffrey Edwards President & CEO (434) 645-7721 [email protected]
    Southside Planning District Commission Deborah Gosney Chief of Project Development (434) 447-7101 [email protected]
    Southside Planning District Commission Gail Moody Executive Director (434) 447-7101 [email protected]
    Southside Planning District Commission Ashleigh Zincone Senior Planner (434) 447-7101 [email protected]
    Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing, Inc. Lennie Mitcham Executive Director (276) 492-2100 [email protected]
    Southwestern Virginia Gas Company Lance Heater President & CEO (276) 632-5663 [email protected]
    Sovran Ltd. Ramin Katirai (301) 367-2096 [email protected]
    Specter Properties, Inc. Mark Specter Broker (804) 733-4040 [email protected]
    Sperry Van Ness Kayvan Mehrbakhsh (703) 734-2822 [email protected]
    Sperry Van Ness Jim Guisewhite (540) 535-0808 [email protected]
    Sperry Van Ness Tuck White (540) 535-0808 [email protected]
    Sperry Van Ness Rich Vaaler (703) 771-1162 [email protected]
    Sperry Van Ness / Small-Shah Commercial Real Estate Advisors Shailesh Shah 858705319- [email protected]
    Sperry Van Ness / Small-Shah Commercial Real Estate Advisors John Small (757) 622-6595 [email protected]
    Sperry Van Ness / Small-Shah Commercial Real Estate Advisors Katherine Campbell Broker (757) 622-6595 [email protected]
    Spotsylvania County Jennifer Scott Economic Development Specialist (540) 507-7203 [email protected]
    Spotsylvania County Sophia Jablonski Business Assistance Manager (540) 507-7206 [email protected]
    Spotsylvania County Tom Rumora Director, Econ Dev & Tourism (540) 507-7201 [email protected]
    Spotsylvania County Mark Taylor County Administrator (540) 507-7010 [email protected]
    Spotsylvania County Bonnie Jewell Senior Financial Analyst (540) 507-7576 [email protected]
    Spotsylvania County Deborah Sanders Deputy Director of Economic Development (540) 507-7202 [email protected]
    Spotsylvania County Courtney Owens Project Management Coordinator (540) 507-7204 [email protected]
    Spotsylvania County Annette D'Alessandro Grants Manager (540) 507-7595 [email protected]
    Squire Sanders (US) LLP Robert Webb Partner (703) 720-7855 [email protected]
    St. John Properties Matthew Holbrook Regional Partner (301) 682-9215 [email protected]
    St. John Properties Danny Severn Leasing Agent (301) 682-9215 [email protected]
    Stafford County Marjorie Radle Business Development Associate (540) 658-8681 [email protected]
    Stafford County Bruce Register Director of Economic Development (540) 658-8681 [email protected]
    Stafford County Kelly Copley Research & Resource Analyst (540) 658-8681 [email protected]
    Stafford County Courtney Braman Marketing Associate (540) 658-8681 [email protected]
    Stafford County Richard Cobert Business Development Manager (540) 658-8681 [email protected]
    Stafford County Thomas Foley County Administrator (540) 658-8612 [email protected]
    Stanley Shield LLC Rob Lanphear (804) 730-7727 [email protected]
    Statewide Commercial Jamie Clark Director (804) 647-9305 [email protected]
    Statewide Commercial Tony Goodwin (757) 320-3496 [email protected]
    Statewide Commercial Thomas Sikes Director of I-81 Operations (540) 280-7475
    Staunton City William Vaughn Economic Development Director (540) 332-3869 [email protected]
    Steve Farag LLC Steve Farag (804) 833-3406 [email protected]
    Steve Frazier & Company Gaines Frazier (808) 269-4026 [email protected]
    Steve Frazier & Company Steve Frazier (757) 490-7803 [email protected]
    Stokes Law Group Randolph Stokes Property Manager (757) 416-7600 [email protected]
    Stonehaus Realty, LLC Peter Primiani Realtor (434) 951-0952
    Strasburg Town Ryan Spitzer Town Manager (540) 465-9197 [email protected]
    Strasburg Town Michelle Bixler Economic Development and Marketing Manager (540) 465-9197 [email protected]
    Strasburg Town Jay McKinley Assistant Town Manager (540) 465-9197 [email protected]
    Subject Matter Dianne Mikeska (202) 737-1010 [email protected]
    Suffolk City Jennifer Schmack Economic Development Associate (757) 514-4047 [email protected]
    Suffolk City Kevin Hughes Director of Economic Development (757) 514-4043 [email protected]
    Suffolk City Deanna Holt Economic Development Manager (757) 514-4049 [email protected]
    Suffolk City Terry Smith Business Development Analyst (757) 514-4045 [email protected]
    Suffolk City Gregory Byrd Assistant Director of Economic Development (757) 514-4042 [email protected]
    Suffolk City Patrick Roberts City Manager (757) 514-4011 [email protected]
    Sullivan Properties Inc. Neil Sullivan President (540) 373-0600 [email protected]
    Summit Commercial Real Estate, LLC James Legat Principal (202) 677-0101 [email protected]
    Summit Real Estate Advisors Christopher Todd (757) 752-1095 [email protected]
    Surry County Tyrone Franklin County Administrator (757) 294-5271 [email protected]
    Sussex County Andre Greene Director of Community Development (434) 246-1043 [email protected]
    Sussex County Vandy Jones Deputy County Administrator (434) 246-1000 [email protected]
    Sussex Development Corporation Harry Davis (757) 422-2400 [email protected]
    TAM Consultants Timothy Hayes President (757) 564-4434 [email protected]
    Taylor Long Properties Inc. Ellen Long (804) 864-9788 [email protected]
    Taylor Properties Ray Towles (703) 928-6000 [email protected]
    Tazewell County Patricia Green County Administrator (276) 385-1202 [email protected]
    Tazewell County Mike Thompson Director of Business Development & Support Services (276) 385-1270 [email protected]
    TCI Group Richard Armstrong (423) 968-7173
    Tennessee Valley Authority John Bradley Senior Vice President, Economic Development (615) 232-6051 [email protected]
    Tennessee Valley Authority Heidi Smith General Manager, Global Business (615) 232-6556 [email protected]
    Tetra Partnerships Linda Erbs Vice President (703) 796-1800 linda[email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield John Nielsen First Vice President (540) 767-3009 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Teresa Nettles Vice President, Office Properties (757) 873-9268 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Patrick Mumey First Vice President (757) 213-4150 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Eric Stanley Associate, Retail Properties (757) 499-2739 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Pam Strieffler Vice President (804) 649-3481 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Bob Thornton Senior Vice President (757) 499-0583 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Matt Braun Commercial Sales and Leasing (804) 697-3419 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Mary Katherine Greenlaw Commercial Sales and Leasing (540) 322-4142 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Clay Culbreth First Vice President, Industrial Properties (757) 499-0386 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Thresa Joyce (757) 213-4157 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Barry Ward Vice President (540) 767-3015 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield David Tunnicliffe Commercial Sales and Leasing (757) 873-9368 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Michael Shaia Commercial Sales and Leasing (804) 697-3482 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Anthony Weiss (757) 213-4148 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Rob Wright (757) 499-2896 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Ashley Jones (804) 697-3560 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Eric Throne (757) 499-2900 eric.thron[email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Gardner King (757) 404-1400 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Sharon Schmidt Commercial Sales and Leasing (540) 322-4155 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Sam Scott Vice President (757) 499-2798 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Jamie Scully First Vice President (540) 322-4140 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield John Watkins Senior Associate (757) 213-4143 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Boyd Johnson Vice President (540) 767-3002 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Richard Thalhimer First Vice President (804) 697-3416 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Connie Nielsen Senior Vice President (804) 697-3569 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Janet Whitbeck Vice President (757) 213-4147 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Jim Ashby Vice President (804) 697-3455 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield George Stuckey Senior Vice President (804) 697-3404 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Isaac Deregibus Commercial Sales and Leasing (804) 697-3426 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield John Duffy Vice President (757) 213-4141 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Berkley Mitchell Vice President (540) 322-4144 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Christine Kaempfe Senior Associate (757) 499-1384 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Birck Turnbull Senior Vice President (804) 697-3493 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Tom Dana Vice President (757) 499-2894 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Brad McGetrick Director of Brokerage Services (804) 697-3558 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Ralph Williams Senior Associate (540) 767-3004 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Ken Jones Commercial Sales and Leasing (757) 596-2941 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Brian Berkey Vice President, Office Properties (804) 697-3458 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Catharine Spangler (804) 344-7140 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Tony Weiss Vice President (757) 213-4148 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Ted Levin Vice President, Retail Properties (757) 499-4279 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Bonnie Holt (757) 499-1578 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Andy Dallas Vice President (757) 873-3661 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Norman Moon First Vice President (434) 455-2302 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Kevin O'Keefe First Vice President, Retail Properties (757) 499-2790 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Jason Guillot Vice President (804) 697-3561 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Chris Rouzie Senior Vice President, Managing Broker (757) 596-2897 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Bill Throne First Vice President, Industrial Properties (757) 499-2692 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Barry Ward (540) 767-3015 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Dean Martin (757) 499-2900 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Merrill Plaisted Vice Chairman Emeritus (804) 697-3403 [email protected]com
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Dawn Griggs Vice President (757) 873-1210 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield George Lupton (434) 455-2306 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield David Smith Senior Vice President (804) 697-3466 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Pete Waldbauer Vice President (804) 697-3564 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Billy Hansen (434) 455-2303 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Chris Good (757) 213-4149 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Paul Silver Chairman & CEO (804) 697-3407 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Franklin Bell Vice President (804) 697-3455 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Gordon Valentine First Vice President (804) 697-3420 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield David Machupa (757) 213-4156 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Lindsey Heckel (757) 213-4163 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Kent Roberts Senior Associate (540) 767-3012 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Gary Hooper Senior Vice President (804) 697-3414 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Evan Magrill Executive Vice President (804) 697-3435 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield C. Lee Warfield Senior Vice President (804) 697-3487 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Dean Meyer Senior Vice President (804) 697-3480 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Scott Douglas Senior Vice President (804) 697-3422 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield John Myers First Vice President (804) 697-3465 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Jeff Bisger President, Thalhimer Realty Partners (804) 697-3409 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Mark Douglas Senior Vice President, Office/Investment (804) 697-3418 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Lindsay Himelright Associate (757) 213-4163 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Ed Kimple (757) 213-4155 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Birck Turnbull (804) 697-3439 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wakefield Matthew Gaziano (540) 767-3015 [email protected]
    Thalhimer/Cushman & Wak