VEDP Quarterly/Annual Report for
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(Total Announcements: 24,   Total Investment: $231MM,   Total New Jobs: 2,886)      (VEDP-Assisted Announcements: 11,   Investment: $219MM,   New Jobs: 2,080)
Company Name Location Business
New Jobs Investment
*Cape Henry Associates Virginia Beach Personnel training and human resources consulting December, 2014 E 36 0.15 NO
Dreamlight, Inc. Virginia Beach Designs and manufactures gymnastics athletic ware December, 2014 E 45 1.10 NO
Copper Fox Distillery Williamsburg Producer of distilled spirits December, 2014 E 28 2.00 NO
Pacorini Global Services Suffolk Logistics for coffee market December, 2014 N 10 0.50 NO
govSolutions, Inc. Virginia Beach Office furniture supply and design December, 2014 E 10 0.83 NO
*Ciba Specialty Chemicals Suffolk Manufactures polyacrylamides used in water treatment applications December, 2014 E 0 4.50 YES
UST Global Norfolk IT maintenance and software development November, 2014 N 100 0.00 NO
Blue Bell Creameries Suffolk Warehouse and distribution of ice cream products November, 2014 E 6 5.80 NO
*Military Sealift Command Norfolk HQ for Navy's Sealift Command November, 2014 E 507 31.00 NO
Providence Agriculture Franklin City Manufactures agricultural chemicals and seeds November, 2014 E 0 1.50 NO
*Information Dominance Forces Command Suffolk Cyber expertise for Navy November, 2014 N 0 0.10 NO
StarChase Virginia Beach Police GPS tracking devices November, 2014 E 35 0.00 NO
*DOMA Technologies LLC Virginia Beach Cloud based data and document management October, 2014 E 150 1.00 YES
*AETNA Insulated Wire Co. Virginia Beach Insulated Wire October, 2014 E 25 6.30 NO
*Tidewater Tactical Virginia Beach Military and law enforcement tactical equipment October, 2014 E 5 1.15 NO
GEICO Corporation Virginia Beach Provider of insurance services October, 2014 E 100 0.00 NO
FedEx Corporation Hampton Distribution center, parcel shipping. September, 2014 E 259 0.00 NO
*Friant and Associates Suffolk Institutional and office furniture manufacturing September, 2014 N 166 17.40 YES
*Continental Automotive Systems Newport News Automotive parts production August, 2014 E 525 152.00 YES
*Canada Metal Pacific Virginia Beach Global supplier of non-ferrous metal products July, 2014 N 70 3.50 YES
*Liberty-Source, PBC Hampton Business process outsourcing July, 2014 N 596 1.57 YES
Maola Milk and Ice Cream Newport News Produce and distribute full line of dairy products July, 2014 N 42 0.00 NO
Seva Technical Services Newport News Maintenance, Repair and Operations supplies to Federal government July, 2014 E 0 0.60 NO
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. Hampton Provides customer service for incoming calls July, 2014 E 171 0.00 NO
*VEDP Assisted.
**In certain circumstances, a new or expanding company will request that these details not be publicized.  In those cases, their announcements will not appear in this Quarterly Report.  The resulting employment and investment totals will, however, appear in cumulative, statewide figures published by VEDP.

Marketing Activities

Prospect Visits
A total of 20 prospect visits were conducted with 8 different prospects. During a prospect visit, VEDP business development specialists accompany prospects to meet face-to-face with local officials. These prospects are companies actively pursuing expansions or new facilities and considering locations in Virginia as well as other states. The prospect has conveyed to VEDP the details of its requirements (e.g.‚Ķtransportation infrastructure, workforce). In addition, it has quantified the capital investment and employment involved in the project.

Non-Prospect Community Visits
A total of 42 in-community visits were conducted by 7 different VEDP research and business development specialists. The purpose of these visits is to ensure VEDP understands each community‚Äôs unique opportunities and assets as related to economic development. In addition, it allows VEDP staff to build relationships with local officials and community leaders which can be instrumental in helping to close future deals.

Localities Recommended to Prospects
VEDP staff recommended to 8 different prospects, through location proposals and other means, that they consider a locality in this PDC to target their investment. In this process, the VEDP staff member points out specific opportunities and assets available in the locality and how these are well suited to the project based on the requirements.

International Trade

Virginia Leaders in Export Trade (VALET) Program
The VALET Program assists companies throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia expand their international sales. This two-year program combines capital resources from the state and professional services from private-sector partners to accelerate international marketing for 25 companies per year.

Current VALET Participants:
   Alliance Solutions Group Inc.
   Command Post Technologies, Inc.
   ESRG Technology Group
   G2 Ops, Inc.
   Lumber Liquidators, Inc.
   Parker Systems, Inc.
   Prevailance, Inc.
   SimIS, Inc.

Past VALET Graduates:
   Air Systems International, Inc.
   Bauer Compressors, Inc.
   Bihrle Applied Research, Inc.
   BOSH Global Services
   Burlington Medical Supplies, Inc.
   Catalina Cylinders - Cliff Impact Division
   Catalytic Generators, Inc.
   DACS, Inc.
   Delta-T Corporation
   Dr. Lucy's
   DRS C3 & Aviation Company
   Dynamic Towing Equipment and Manufacturing
   Franklin Equipment Company
   Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas + Company
   International Communications Group, Inc.
   ITA International, LLC
   KITCO Fiber Optics
   Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA
   Morphix Technologies
   Paramount Sleep
   Printpack, Inc., Rampart Packaging Division
   Registrar Corp
   Remarque Manufacturing Corporation
   Solo, Inc.
   Sorbilite, Inc.
   Teledyne Industries/Hastings Instruments
   Turner Strategic Technologies (TST)
   Valkyrie Enterprises, LLC
   Vitex Packaging
   WESCO Marine Engineering
   WR Systems, Ltd.